Many real estate agents have been approaching real estate social media marketing for a long time, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, and other social platforms to reach their target and build lasting relationships with their leads and customers. However, many of these agents, despite being experts in the real estate sector, often do not have sufficient knowledge that allows them to better manage real estate social media marketing strategies.

Social media are a fundamental tool for expanding the market of a real estate agent, in which the integration between online and offline communication tools allows us to reach every type of customer, from the potential to the current one, from the most digital and innovative one to the more traditional one. However, interaction is only one of the possibilities offered by social media, the greatest potential is, in fact, to speed up the promotion of your real estate agency and thereby improve your reputation (online and offline).

Do you want to increase the Number of Clients of your Real Estate Agency and need a Hand?

In recent years, to try to convey skills in this sector to real estate professionals, books in industrial quantities have been written on the topic of real estate social media marketing, but unfortunately, a large part of the information within them is far too often unreliable, poorly written or even misspelled.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Therefore, in the light of many years of experience in the web marketing, online communication and digital technologies related to the real estate world, we have decided to intervene to help provide you with some advice on the best strategies applied to real estate social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Each social network prefers a certain type of content, so whenever you want to publish a post, always remember what the context is in which you are going. We bring you some examples of the main social platforms:

  • Facebook: you can sponsor your Facebook posts at a negligible price, to ensure that they have greater and more profiled coverage, to go to reach the target potentially most interested in your product or service, regardless of whether it is listings of properties for sale, promotions or simple images that sponsor your context and territory.
  • Twitter: you can use the “search” function to find buyers and give them advice, and maybe if they are interested in your area you could start a chat with them, ask questions and share your knowledge with them (ie anything you want that buyers and sellers of properties in your area know about you and the properties in your real estate portfolio).
  • Instagram: use hashtags related to the location where you are trying to sell a house or interesting for some of your potential buyers, and integrate this technique with short videos that act as real mini-tours for your properties.

Strategies to Increase Online Presence

Being in contact with your leads should be a routine activity within your real estate social media marketing strategy. What almost no agent does, however, is to give the right attention to other professionals, who are directly or indirectly linked to the real estate sector and who could bring new job opportunities.

Let’s find out some of these digital real estate marketing strategies together!

Real Estate Lead Generation with Social Media

Content is good if it involves a large number of people who are targeting the content goal.

To engage many people, first of all, you need to promote your content.

Be it a blog article, an infographic, an audio interview or a video, social media is certainly among the most important means to use as a promotional channel for your real estate agency.

This means that you will have to actively engage on social channels and work to create an audience that follows your real estate business.

Much of your time, as a real estate agent or owner of a real estate agency, will be dedicated to defining strategies for the business, meeting customers and defining sales in all their facets.

All these activities leave very little time to social media: for this reason, only a few Real Estate Agents dedicate themselves to social channels.

Videos, the Content of the Future

A video is a form of highly engaging content, capable of generating a good conversion.

Do you want to generate real estate contacts?

An AI video editor revolutionizes the traditional editing process by leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities. This innovative tool automates tasks such as scene detection, cutting, and transitions, streamlining the editing workflow. With its intelligent features, an AI video editor can analyze content to suggest optimal edits, enhance visual elements, and even generate creative effects. This technology not only accelerates the editing process but also empowers users, from novice to professional, to achieve polished and visually compelling videos with greater ease. As AI continues to evolve, video editing becomes more accessible and efficient, ushering in a new era of creativity in the digital content landscape.

Create hundreds of videos with an online video editor and post them anywhere, always with a good site as a base: you will see that the growth in visits will be substantial.

If you take the most popular blog posts in real estate and turn them into short, well-made videos, you will generate a lot of fans!

By landing them on your site, offering contact forms, and subscribing to your newsletter, you can get the contacts of these potential customers, to contact them whenever you want.

This is an excellent real estate lead generation strategy!

Create a YouTube channel, because YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

Make sure to use Facebook Ads to make your promotional message known.

And if you want to go a step further, you can target specific people who have already visited your website using the Facebook Pixel.

How do you set Facebook pixels for the real estate website? It’s easy. Go to Facebook Ads, find your retargeting pixel code and insert it in the header of your website. This shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.

If so, ask for help from your web provider or directly from us.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

What many people don’t understand is how great the return on investment (ROI) achieved by making ads on Facebook.

Combined with the fact that you can redirect people who have shown interest later, for your ad or site, the potential is enormous.

Facebook Ads are similar to Google Ads, they work with the Pay-Per-Click mechanism.

(Google Ads, however, until recently had the highest ROI of any form of digital marketing).

Pay-per-click ads still work great, but they are no longer as convenient as they once were.

If you have serious intentions to start generating real estate leads online, you need to focus on Facebook Ads. You can create many real estate acquisitions based only on leads generated by Facebook.

real estate social media marketing

Get help in real estate lead generation with Social Media

We recommend investing a fixed amount of hours, for your collaborator, dedicated to preparing content to be published on social media. Clearly, with more time or a person completely dedicated to digital platforms, much more can be done.

Fortunately, social media are tools that you can master using automatic processes and systems.

Even if you don’t take care of your social channels yourself since all social media apps work on mobile devices if you have time between appointments you should actively contribute to online conversations.

Much of our time is dedicated to creating content, managing websites, defining SEO strategies, and creating real estate lead generation strategies for our customers.

Having someone who manages social media every day is important, as the regularity of the publication is in itself the first guarantee of success.

Ask for a consultation to find out if you are using Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. in the best way, and get valuable advice on how to improve and optimize your social activities.

Conclusions: How to set up a complete Real Estate Strategy

The building blocks of an articulated and successful real estate strategy, as you have seen, are many. You can use these tactics we described above to generate real estate leads and start growing your real estate agency online today.

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