The animal kingdom is vast. There are a lot of types of animals in it; birds, mammals, reptiles, and so on. But there are some animals that have been close to humans throughout time. Fairy tales, Folklore, and many other things constantly mention bears and their interaction with people. They are fierce, big, strong, and furry animals, they have been portrayed in both the good and bad in nature.

Even though the stories tell you different types of things about bears, they are a very relaxed and curious type of animal. They constantly take care of their babies and will become aggressive if they are threatened. In this article, we decided to bring you some real ‘Bear’ stories. So, scroll down to check these stories out, and please ‘bear’ with us!

#1. This Guy Finds A GoPro Camera In The Wild & Guess What Was On It When He Found It.

Bear In The Wild

This person is Dylan Schilt, he was archery hunting when he discovered this lost GoPro camera in the wilderness of Laramie, Wyoming. After checking out the contents of the camera, he found a very interesting and funny video on it. It was a bear checking out the camera. The video went on for about 5 minutes of the bear toying around with it, getting some awesome closeup footage of this animal.

#2. Check Out The Video!

#3. Bear Not So Friendly This Time.

Young Girl Vs The Bear

Another instance where a bear did not show up funny was when an adult and a cub were walking through a neighborhood. The dogs of that particular house were barking at this duo on their wall while the bear thought the dogs were a threat.

#4. 17 Year Old To The Rescue.

Young Girl Vs The Bear

A 17-year-old girl rushed to save her dogs from the bear and instantly pushed the bear off of her wall.

#5. These Hikers Knew What To Do.

A Bear Visit

Another event shows that these hikers had an unexpected visitor, a black bear. The bear took interest in the hikers and moved in for a closer look. They didn’t panic, they just remained calm and still until the animal left.

#6. Stay Still To Be Safe!

A Bear Visit
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