Speculations about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s death / critical health conditions are taking over the Internet. Suspense was growing over the past few days/weeks regarding his health due to many reasons. The latest reason is his absence from yet another significant national event on Saturday.

Since two weeks, the reports on Kim keep varying from being critically ill to being already dead. No one knows the real situation as of yet. These speculations keep growing because his last confirmed public appearance was April 11.

Kim believed to be 36 years old, underwent a cardiovascular operation recently. It is believed that his health faced a critical condition after the surgery. However, a group of medical personnel was sent from China to visit Kim on Thursday, according to Reuters. It was further mentioned by Reuters that a South Korean source confirmed on Friday that Kim was alive and will most probably make a public appearance soon.

While some reports suggest his critical health, a senior executive of a Beijing-backed TV station in China said that Kim was dead.

South Korean media reports that Kim did not appear on the most important national holiday honoring the country’s founders, on the 15th. Again, he failed to appear on the fanfare conducted as part of the 88th-anniversary celebrations of the founding of its armed forces, on 25th. These only added to the growing speculations about his real health condition.

Another speculation is that the leader is just social distancing in order to be safe from COVID-19.

However, despite the lack of any credible report on Kim’s condition, the hashtag #KIMJONGUNDEAD is going viral on social media.

Despite all the news that is circulating, this might be nothing serious too, because it’s not unusual for Kim to go days and weeks without any public appearance, the last time being total absence for 40 consecutive days in 2014.

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