Environmental issues have been one of the main issues we face as the humankind. With rapid climate changes, the planet is becoming more and more hostile, and the lack of drinking water is one of the crucial concerns. Scientists and experts have come up with numerous ideas to save the precious little water we have left. This particular individual, however, has taken the conservation of water to the next level.

Elizabeth Buecher invented the inflatable shower curtain that releases spikes if you shower longer than 4 minutes. She stresses that desperate times lead to desperate measures. The spiky curtain is part of the series called “My Shower is a Green Warrior.”

More info: elisabethbuecher.com (h/t: inhabitat)

You can shower normally for 4 minutes

But don’t idle…

Because after four minutes the spikes suddenly inflate!

You’re forced out of the shower

Water is saved and mother nature is happy!

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