Do you happen to encounter a situation where you have given a PDF material for a presentation, but you only need some pages from it? I am sure you have no choice but to screen capture these pages or dictate the PDF title and the page number so your audience will be the one to find it to follow your presentation.

Sometimes you just want a particular page of your PDF file only because it attracts you, and you want to remember it as much as possible. But you cannot save just a single page that easily. It is hard when you are met with these situations where extracting a specific page from the PDF file should have been the solution, but you cannot do it. Luckily, we have the right tool for you. 

Extract these files or Split it through Gogopdf

Gogopdf will solve this problem for you. You do not have to resort to much effort to save a needed page for presentation or better memory retention. This website will willingly exert the effort for you and these kinds of tasks. We are introducing the website’s four easy to follow PDF split functions.

Gogopdf’s Four Easy to Follow Steps

Gogopdf’s website allows every user and customer to split their PDF files in any way they want or extract a page or pages they wish to extract from the whole PDF file without any hassle or delays. It boasts four easy to understand steps for the tasks wherein the majority of the steps will be done by Gogopdf itself. 

To begin the splitting process, you need to choose the PDF files you want to split. You can also drag the file, after finding it on your device, to the splitting area. The splitting area is the toolbox where the words “Select Files” can be read. After seeing the PDF files you wish to extract some pages of, confidently and quickly drag it to the said toolbox.

After dragging the file, you will see the toolbox’s online splitting tool where you can choose how you want your PDF files to be split. You can choose from two choices; one is to extract a chapter or a page from the PDF file where you can get one PDF file as a result, or the second option where you can split the PDF into many chapters and have multiple files.

Upon choosing what option you want, the third step will begin automatically and separate your PDF files into your desired number of pages. Depending on the size of the PDF files you wish to process, the fourth process can begin after a few minutes or more. After the third step, your PDF files are now ready for download. 

You can now check the result of the split PDF files and save them on your preferred folder on your device, or you can also share it to your social media accounts if you are satisfied with Gogopdf’s service and put the right word about it for your social media friends. 

Faster and Accurate Processing

Gogopdf will enable you to enjoy all of its features; it’s faster and accurate processing. The website does not change any format, images, content, and designs inside the file during the whole process, and all of it will be the same as the original file, except it was split or extracted from it. 

The website utilizes your internet connection speed, and the whole process will depend on it. So aside from its four easy to follow steps, its faster processing service is also an advantage as long as you have a stable connection. 

The Website’s Accessibility and Compatibility Feature

You also do not have to worry about the website not running on your device because it supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also compatible with multiple significant browsers such as Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, to name a few. As earlier mentioned, the whole process will operate as long as you have a stable internet connection. 

Privacy Policy and Storage

It is understandable to worry about your privacy security when using a free website with this kind of effortless processing service like Gogopdf. However, Gogopdf values every user and consumers’ trust and is committed to protecting their privacy with utmost sincerity. As per this commitment, the website’s servers will delete all files uploaded to it after an hour.

Using the website does not consume any of your device’s capacity since you do not need to download any software or applications to use it. Gogopdf’s entire processes take place in the web browser and the cloud. 

Gogopdf Split Your PDF file or Extract


It is tough to find a website that will cater specifically to the service that you need. Other websites, aside from the payment and account it requires, are also challenging to navigate. Gogopdf can help you in these situations. It does not require any charges or premium accounts and guarantees you a free, fast, reliable, and secured splitting or extracting service. Try Gogopdf’s features today and see it for yourself! 

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