Tea has been one of the most amazing beverages for decades around the globe, apart from drinking Alcohol, which is quite dangerous to the health, it is no doubt that a cup of tea is perfect after a strenuous day at work. Knowing fully well that the tea business and culture are continually booming, the old-style design of a tea bag has not changed for many decades.

But now, a Japanese tea company has thought out of the box to make a creative approach to change the design of the well-known tea bag packaging.

More info: Ocean Teabag

A company, called the Ocean Teabag has now created an adorable tea bag that will make the cup of tea irresistible.

Ocean Teabag, the Japanese company had partnered with a book store – Village Vanguard and an oddity shop to generate a series of Sea Creature oriented Teabags That ‘Come Alive’ Inside Your Cup.

These original tea bags include jellyfish, octopus, isopods and even a few land animals such as tanuki.

The tea bag costs 1,820 yen and $16 respectively.

Creators of the company told that the company started 3 years ago and their first design was a dolphin tea bag that later grew into more unique designs.






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