There was big hoo haa on the Internet about a giant cow. Hope you know what I am talking about. if not, Do you know Knickers the cow? Everyone loved this giant, right?

If you are a fan of giant cows, well there is good news for you. It seems that EVEN A BIGGER COW is coming into the scene where people are equally satisfied.

Its name is Dozer, this cow lives in Kismet Creek Farm in Hanover, Canada. Dozer is 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) surpassing Knickers, who is only 1.94 meters (6.4 feet).

Because of its size, Dozer was saved by being sold to a slaughterhouse, also was Knickers. Karl Schoenrock who’s the owner of the farm with his wife Raelle told CBC that “When I first saw him, I was giddy,” and “He’s just so massive. His head is so huge compared to anything I’ve ever seen before.”

After hearing the story of Knickers the couple began to share pictures of their own giant cow. Yes, of course, why not? They were delighted after hearing that Dozer was a little bit bigger than Knickers. “We were kind of blown away,” Schoenrock said. “Nothing super official, like Guinness official, but that’s what we got.”

They found and posted on Facebook, that Dozer was measured way more than Knickers. They said that the “media started calling us”. Dozer had grown 2 inches since he was measured before two years back surpassing poor old Knickers. At that time he measured as 1.92 meters (6.3 feet).

It is still a secret, how these steers got so big. One reason maybe it is because they have given time to grow. Normally a steer will be sold to the butcher after a couple of years it is born. But Knickers was left to grow for 7 years and it may be the reason for its enormous size.

Actually, there were some arguments about Knickers size. The Washington Post insists that Knickers is only a cow instead of a steer and it is his normal size where some cows grow into. Animal breeding expert Aniek Bouwman from Wageningen University in the Netherlands told them that “This story needs some perspective”.

However, the Guardian backed them up saying “No lie, Knickers the big cow is actually quite large”. They also stated that bovines of all sexes are treated like a cow, meaning Knickers was not just a steer. Dozer has gained to be ahead than Knickers, but both of them are been second to the record holder, an Italian ox called Bellino, who measures 2.1 meters (6.8 feet).