Have you ever given it the thought, of how would it feel to become a stray animal on the street? Walking around with no home, searching for scraps and garbage to fulfill your hunger. Especially when it rains and the weather becomes unbearable, these stray animals have nowhere to go or no one to come save them. They have to find shelter on their own or have to take their chances with the harsh weather conditions.More info and Photo courtesy: Hope For Paws | YouTube



This is such a story, two stray dogs were living down a sewer until a heavy rain storm caused the sewers to be flooded and unfortunately it took one of the dogs with it. The remaining dog was wet, lonely and scared with a risk of loosing its own life. Some one who usually sees these dogs shelter in these sewers informed the Hope For Paws of this incident. They rushed into the scene with the founder of Rescue From The Hart.

#3. Check out the rescue in this video

When they got there, the dog was alarmed and ran deeper into the sewer since the stray animal has never had a pleasant experience with people being stray. After a chase, it came to a dead end, scared for its life, it crawled under an old chair which was discarded there. After putting on the leash, they started petting it and dried it with a towel as soon as possible.



It gradually got used to people and now it is happy and healthy at The Forgotten Dog Foundation with another rescued stray dog named Frankie. It also got a name for itself Bitty!



#8. Frankie

#9. Bitty!

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