A strong woman is a person who has a very powerful mind, but sometimes, so many women say that they are strong and powerful but only a few of them are strong in the true essence of the word. Some women become strong after they have been with so many struggles in their lives. therefore, they do not have much faith in fake hopes or promises. so they rely on actions and they believe in promises once promises actually delivered.

A strong woman always understands that it is worthless to waste her time on assholes. she is aware of the worth of time and effort and happy with her own company. They are very tricky in giving attention to assholes because they know that assholes do not deserve their attention.

A strong woman always knows the value of her mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore, she makes her self a priority rather than spending time on a person who doesn’t know her true worth.

A strong woman is totally capable of building a life for herself on her own and think that she would be better off with someone who does not appreciate the true wonder that she is. She understands that being comfortable in one’s own company is essential. She is very judgmental of people after going through with so many life struggles.

A strong woman wants to be with someone who values her and look after her well. She wants someone who has the interest in moving forward with her. She wants someone who is willing to stick with her no matter what the circumstances are.

A strong woman will never pass her happiness in someone’s hand. Especially, for an asshole that does not understand her worth, or does not value her as much as she deserves to be valued.

In this life, we regularly settle down for things that are less than what we actually deserve. This can happen to anyone, but it’s not always correct. All women should work on trying to be the strongest that they probably can and not be treated any less than they deserve to be.