You must have noticed many whimsical or brides wearing flower crowns or floral headpieces for weddings and parties. Most of us know to wear floral headdress as the latest fashion trend. However, Chelsea Shiels is taking the world by a new creation which is her mermaid-inspired, seashell-encrusted headdresses. So these crowns are full with small conch shells, crystals, and gold accents that will make anybody wearing them feel like Princess Ariel. Shiel has nicely mixed her different findings and matching colors to these crowns, so it is having a modern, bohemian vibe.

Shiel was motivated to create these beautiful crowns because she wanted to cover a scar she’d had on her forehead since she was a baby. “I got teased a lot, so I started making my own headwear because I couldn’t find any I liked,” she explained to Instagram Blog.

So This directed Shiel to start making flower crowns. Since her mermaid tiaras have hit the market, however, they’ve rapidly become her best sellers. “I thought people were going to look at me and be like, ‘Why would you wear shells on your head?’ But it seems to have worked.”

Chelsea Shiels: Website | Instagram | Etsy | Facebook


beautyful eyes


seashell tiara


girl with shades


girl eyes


white tiara


seashell crown


seashell tiara


seashell tiara girl


crystal tiara


beautiful girl wearing a tiara


girl with shades and seashell tiara


gem tiara


seashell tiara girl


white sea shell tiara


pink hair girl with seashell tiara

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