As speculated by various forecasts, the winter of the year 2019 was the coldest winter that was recorded in the United Kingdom and the United States. While the people on this side of Earth was craving some warmth and struggling to keep themselves out of the cold, some other states in the world were almost burned alive due to the unbearably strong summer heat, and these pictures are proof that heat spares no one.

While all that the people of the UK and the USA were asking was for some sun, that exactly has become the worst nightmare of many other states including Australia.

#1 No matter what, ice cream comes first

Melting ice cream
© dashaMoscow / imgur

#2 Even traffic couldn’t escape the heat

Melting traffic lights
© unknown / imgur

#3 This wall in Arizona too was a victim

Melting wall
© KrootzyTV / reddit

#4 Eggs are getting heat-tattoos

tatoo on eggs
© 1nshed / reddit

#5 Melting air fresheners look satisfying

Melting air fresheners
© cleavercutthroat / reddit

#6 Ever seen melting dogs?

Melting dog
© n1teowl / imgur

Australia experienced one of the craziest heatwaves in 2019. During the summer, Australia travels close to the sun, adding up to the heat. This is because the country is located in the Southern hemisphere. Also, since the country is surrounded by the ocean, the winter is mild. As per the records, the heatwave of the summer of 2019 was the hottest one faced by Australians, with many external factors fueling this situation.

#7 Worst day for a road trip in Australia

Melting tyre
© RedCar50 / reddit

#8 Ever seen roads melting before summer?

Melting tyres
© Aquagenie / reddit

#9 Try making bulls-eyes from sunlight

burnt egg
© nattynitro / imgur

Summer 2019 did not arrive alone. It also brought some massive bush fires and severe droughts along with it. The severity of this heatwave broke all the previous records. In addition to the heat, vast amounts of winds, massive smoke plumes, and triggering storms also added to the misery of Australians. To simply say how bad these fires were, the breathing air in Sydney was as harmful as smoking 37 cigarettes. The average maximum temperature recorded was 41.9C.

#10 There’s nothing called too many fans

Too many fans
@filmmakingoncrack / imgur

#11 Way to go, Arizona!

Arizona heat
© GuacamoleFanatic / reddit

#12 Melted Blinds in Las Vegas are something else

melted blinds
© unknown / imgur

#13 What are you staring at?

funny cat
© Wubalubadubdub7 / imgur

#14 Is this an overreaction?

massive heat
© Paradice_City / reddit

#15 Kittens looking comfy during a heatwave

comfy killens
© Paradice_City / reddit

So, which one made you grateful for the winter?

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