While we all welcomed the year 2020 with a smile, none of us expected the year to turn into what it’s now. COVID19 changed it all. All the big events and celebrations where people used to gather and have fun is a far away dream now. While most school and university lectures as well as company meetings and work are being held online, people are getting used to this lifestyle bit by bit.

Another big and much anticipated celebration of this year is going to be livestreamed too. Stonehenge is going to livestream the annual summer solstice celebration for the first time ever.

Summer Solstice Celebration livestream
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge (Photo: Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0])
Summer solstice is when Earth’s poles are at their maximum tilt towards the sun where the sun reaches its highest position in the sky, resulting in the day with the longest period of daylight.

The Heel Stone during the Summer Solstice
The Heel Stone during the Summer Solstice (Photo: Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0])
This is also one of the rare days on which the Stonehenge is open to the public. Annually, close to 10,000 people including the druid and pagan community gather at the Stonehenge to see the sunrise over the stones. The sun rises beautifully behind the Heel Stone which is considered the then entrance to the stone circle. Then, the sunlight is directed to the centre of the monument.

The Heel Stone Summer Solstice Celebration livestream
The Heel Stone (Photo: Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0])
However, given the current situation of the world requiring strict measures, the annual celebration cannot be held this year the usual way. People cannot participate in it, at least physically. Instead, the event will be livestreamed through the English Heritage’s social media accounts on Sunday, June 21. The sunset will be on June 20, at 20:26 GMT while the sunrise will be on June 21, at 03:52 GMT.

Watch the video from last year!

English Heritage: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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