The Microsoft AZ-204 exam measures the candidates’ abilities in the accomplishment of specific tasks that are technical, including the development of Azure compute solutions, storage, security, monitoring, and troubleshooting. AZ-303 Exams It also evaluates their skills to optimize Azure solutions as well as connect and consume Azure and third-party services. Usually, the AZ-204 test is taken by the Cloud developers who are aware of all the phases of the development process, from design to maintenance, and those who want to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certificate.

Main features of the Microsoft AZ-204 exam

The students are given 150 minutes to complete the AZ-204 exam, and they can take it in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified). BRAYDEN K You will need to cover 40-60 questions and get 700 points to pass the test. As one of the registration steps, the applicants have to pay $165.

If talking about the outline of the topics, you need to learn about the following domains:

  • Development of Azure computes solutions (25-30%);
  • Development of Azure storage (10-15%);
  • Implementation of Azure security (15-20%);
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of Azure solutions (10-15%);
  • Use of third-party and Azure services and connection to them (25-30%).

So, these were the basics that every candidate must know before taking the AZ-204 exam. Now, let’s discuss which prep tools you can use and how they can help you. Especially, let’s talk about practice tests.

Reasons to use practice tests for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam

To make your decision a little less complicated regarding the selection of the best practice tests, we have made a list of reasons to use them.

Practice test to Pass Microsoft AZ-204 Exam

  1. They prepare you to manage the exam stress

It is always recommended to take practice tests only when you are fully ready, so they should be the last step of your preparation process. BRUNO L Practice questions help you know how well you are prepared and give you the opportunity to feel the vibe of the real certification exam. With their help, you will deal with possible anxiety.

  1. They help improve your time management skills

Practice tests also help you manage your time. Sometimes, we know all the answers in the exam but we end up with insufficient time. HUSSAIN N Fortunately, by using this tool, you can give yourself the task of solving particular questions in a given time and then deal with the exam questions quickly and without a doubt.

  1. They help identify your weak areas

As you answer the questions, you will get to know what are those topics and which of them require more attention from you. ISMAEEL P Thus, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses. If you use some exam dumps and any of the official Microsoft courses, you will be even able to ace all the objectives.

In a nutshell

When we are stepping in our professional life, RIVER Q it is imperative for us to know the background of our field, so we must prepare for it! Thus, make sure that you are well-prepared with the syllabus given by Microsoft for your AZ-204 exam and get certified.

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