Self-talking to yourself out loud may be a sign of high intelligence.

Whether it is with our dearest friends, relations or ourselves, it will be a great idea to carry out a good talk which is enthusiastic to motivate ourselves.

But talking to yourself, using your own name sometimes may be humiliating.

Sometimes when I talk to myself it is very helpful and feels I am not there in that particular place. And I notice people look at me. Hope you understand what I am saying.

Unfortunately, most people are not confident about themselves before taking to others. They are afraid to open up to others.

But there is a new shine for all of the creative people.

Although it is taken into consideration that the self-talking is somewhat negative in society, however, researchers have proven that it is a sign of higher intelligence.

The research was done by the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology that it had been proven self-talking can help your brain to understand a situation and to face it successfully. Talking to yourself will gain our memory and understand our learnings correctly.

In a study carried out in 2011, 20 participants were given an object to search in the marker. They were given instructions to both think and talk while searching for the object.

The results were proven that the participants talk to themselves not only found the object also was able to understand the object correctly. Also, their searches note that their memory level grew.

The studies done by the scientist at Bangor University in the UK found self-talking out lout will grow a higher intelligence while also helping gain memory.

The participants were given materials to ready them out loud and silently. After that, the researchers studied their memory level and performance. And the results were astonishing. They concluded that participants were more accurate on memorizing what they spoke and their concentration level was high.

Psychologist, Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa who is the co-author of the study told: “from simply hearing oneself, as auditory commands seem to be better controllers of behavior than written ones”.

She also added talking out loud to herself may be “a sign of high cognitive functioning”.

Self-talking is helpful for us to organize our thoughts, emotions, and memorization. Self-talking is an added advantage as per Dr. Mari.

“The stereotype of the mad scientist talking to themselves, lost in their own inner world, might reflect the reality of a genius who uses all the means at their disposal to increase their brainpower” Dr. Mari further revealed.

Hope you have been athletics and tennis players self-talk when they participate in competitions. Perhaps it is much more than just unusual behavior. A good talk will always make improvements in ourselves in every way.

To all the self-talkers out there, others will laugh at you thinking you are mad but do not be sad science is always there back you up and prove that you are much more ahead than others.

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