Sujith Wilson, a boy who was initially trapped at a depth of approximately 30 feet, fell further inside and is now thought to be wedged in the borewell at a depth of 70 feet.

At Nadukattupatti near Manapparai district, operations to rescue a two-year-old boy, who fell into an abandoned borewell on Friday night, continued right through the night. Nevertheless, the authorities suffered a setback as the boy moved deeper inward as the authorities attempted to dig a trench nearby, to reach him.

A team from the State Disaster Response Squad is running to the location for the activity to take over the mission.

Apparently the boy, Sujith Wilson, was playing when he accidentally fell into a seven-year-old borewell hole at around 5:30 p.m. on Friday in front of his house.

Rescue efforts are continuing.

The child, who was initially stuck at a depth of about 30 feet slipped deeper into the bore well and is now thought to be wedged at a depth of 68 feet.

After attempts by multiple teams from Madurai, Coimbatore, and Ramanathapuram using various devices and methods, all failed. On Friday night, the authorities decided to continue drilling a passageway at a parallel.

On Friday evening, earthmovers had been dispatched by the Fire and Rescue Service and other staff to dig a trench close to the borewell. Rescue workers hoped to reach the boy by digging a tunnel, but apparently, because of rocky terrain, the process was suspended.

Later, the operation was taken over by M. Manikandan, who designed a device that was successfully used earlier in a few such rescue operations. But his hopes were dashed as his device’s rope could not be firmly tied to the boy’s hands. While the rope could be wrapped around one of the wrists, it was unsuccessful to seek and grab the other arm.

The Coimbatore and Ramanathapuram groups subsequently made unsuccessful attempts.

Relatives of Sujith Wilson grieve after an overnight effort to retrieve the two-year-old boy trapped in a bore well in Nadukattupatti near Manapparai was unsuccessful. | Photo Credit: M. Moorthy

The uncle of the child kept talking to the crying boy, who had replied until late at night.

The depressed mother W. Kalaivani needed medial attention when she heard about 3 a.m. breathing from her son.

Even as medical staff and an ambulance stood close, oxygen started injected through a tube into the hole. Over 1,000 people had gathered from across the village to watch the operation in the midst of mounting anxiety.

Minister of Health C. Vijayabaskar, who was supervising the procedure, said the child was currently stuck at 70 feet. “We will now hand over rescue operations to the SDRF,” he added.

Internet calls and recommendations are created by experts. “We have been taking all the suggestions and attempting to implement them” he added.

The borewell gap, said to be roughly 1,000 feet deep, was in a field of corn and was eventually sealed. It opened up, following recent heavy rain cycles.

Talking on Friday night to the Hindu, A. Josephine, Sujith’s aunt said that when the incident happened, four children, including her son were playing in front of her house  “Sujith had gone back home but decided to come back from in between the cornfield. The borewell which was among the crops gave away,” she said.

The family alerted the police after hearing cries from the well.

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