This is a really hopeful news from ZooTampa, where an Eastern baby Bongo was born on the 1st of May. Every animal born at the zoon becomes a reason to celebrate. But this baby’s arrival was a lot special. It is because the Eastern Bongo is one of the critically endangered type of antelope in the world. So, even a single addition to their numbers means a lot to to wild life authorities, enthusiasts and the entire zoo staff.

This calf is a female calf, delivered by the first time mother Blitzen. She weighed around 35 ounces at birth and the medical staff approved this baby Bongo was a fully healthy calf. These type of antelopes are the biggest species of forest grazing type of antelope in the world. They have very recognizable stripes on their body to identify them.

The reason they are critically endangered are that they were hunted a long time ago in large numbers. The continued hunting and the lesser numbers made their numbers drop. Since a very little number of animals cannot repopulate their kind by themselves, authorities and zoos have taken action to conserve these animals by breeding them in captive. These Bongo antelopes at the Zoo Tampa were also such animals who were raised in captive to help their species survive.More info & Photo courtesy: ZooTampa

#1. The beautiful baby girl with her mother.

These animals are wonderful creations of nature. Let us all contribute in conserving these animals by sharing this news among the community. Also, do not forget to comment your ideas down in the comment section.

#2. Giving hope to its kind.

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