Human relationships can be really complex. They love diverse things based on various reasons and the relationships that humans have with animals are truly interesting. There are many people who will not live a single day without their pets and most of them love their pets rather than they love their human friends.

Mitchell Miner is a 15-year-old boy who has a strong relationship with his cow Audri. A photo of Mitchell napping with Audri recently went viral on the internet and the story behind the picture has caught everyone’s attention.

Mitchell was preparing his cow for Lowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show for two months and when the picture was taken, the duo was pretty tired as they had been up since 3 a.m for the last three days in a row. They were working so close together for the last two months and Mitchell was the one who leads, bath, clip and walks Audri all these days preparing him for the contest.

Image credit & More info: Facebook (h/t: aol)

However, they couldn’t win the blue ribbon as they expected to and took the 5th place out of the 7 contestants. So, they were really tired by the end of the day and the picture was taken when they fell on sleep in the barn after the show.

The picture was really adorable and it gave more insight into the deep bonds humans share with animals. Audri was not just another cow for Mitchell, but his companion for a very long time. there were people who criticized the picture but Mitchell’s dad rose up against those harsh comments saying that they take really good care of their animals.

So, let us know whether this story touched your heart too and we are looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section below!

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5 years ago

That is so adorable ??? it’s Awesome to see that at least some of our young people feel the connection between humans and animals ????