A new type of battery nicknamed the ‘Million-mile’ battery, is soon to be announced by Tesla. Although still not released, it is known to be immensely powerful, long-lasting, and less expensive. This new battery will hopefully bring down the price of electric cars to the level of gas engine cars.

This new battery is a joint effort of Tesla and a group of academic battery specialists, personally recruited by CEO and co-founder Elon Musk himself. It will be applied in Tesla’s model 3 luxury sedan, which is due to be sold in China later this year or at the beginning of next year.

Tesla's Million-mile battery
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Cobalt, one of the exorbitant and non-eco-friendly metals commonly used in the production of electric car batteries is said to be lessened or freed of usage in this new technology. This cobalt-free technology will definitely increase the capacity and overall life expectancy of the batteries. Also, this will surely bring down the price of electric cars and reduce the impact recharging has on the interior of batteries. The lesser the price is, the lesser is the damage on the environment.

Tesla is also planning to build larger Tera factories to take over the production of these batteries, surpassing their already massive Giga factories. The location and the extent of these factories are yet to be revealed. The ‘battery day’ planned to be held this month by Tesla would be the most appropriate time for the company to announce the release of this new battery.

This new innovative, easily affordable battery will surely create a revolution in the production of electric cars.

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