This very courageous act was done by a young high school graduate at her graduation ceremony about the bill that was just passed in the State of Texas on abortion. The bill bans all abortions from a very early stage as much as 6 weeks.

This young girl, Paxton Smith who had plans to speak about this to the public and the media made a quick decision to speak about this at her high school graduation speech. Soon she and her powerful speech was a trending topic all over the world on all social media platforms and among people from all over the world. Scroll down to read more about this matter.More info & Photo courtesy: Juan Figueroa/ Dallas News | BBC | CBS


Smith was surprised that her microphone was not cut at any moment. So, she discussed more about how women’s bodies go through the menstruation cycle and how it is very unfair for victims of rape and any other undesired pregnancies to detect it under 6 weeks. It is not always 28 days in a menstrual cycle.








Many forced births are not good conditions for the mother or the child. These events often are victims of poverty, loss of education, loss of social status and also unnatural health conditions. So, Smith explains how such impractical bills passing around can destroy a woman and also a child’s life.




Juan Figueroa/ Dallas News

This speech has taken the world by storm and a lot of people are appreciating the courage of this young girl. Here is the video of her speech. Comment down your ideas about this topic in the comments section below.



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