People are fond of taking walks whenever they like, be it sunny or rainy. Similarly this little  cat, Miru-Chan, which lives in Japan. It is very fond of taking walks with his owner no matter what the weather is. As we all know felines are not very fond of water, so Miru-Chan’s owner had ordered a custom umbrella for him. So now he can walk with his owner without getting wet when it rains.

Miru-Chan’s owner had posted on twitter of his cat and its new umbrella and had written as today it rains, then it stops. Still he wants to go for a walk . The post had received a tremendous amount of shares and retweets.More info: | Instagram

#1.Kitten with his own little umbrella.


#3.Miru-Chan on a walk in his owner’s sweater.

#4.Miru-Chan relaxed at home.


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