Empathy is the ability of a person to understand the way someone else is feeling. Except for a psychopath, sociopath or a narcissist, everyone else have the ability to feel empathy for others for a certain level.

An empath is a person who poses the above said ability to a whole new level where they can feel other people’s feelings and thoughts very strongly. Famous psychiatrist Judith Orloff define empaths as “emotional sponge” because of their ability to  absorbs the stress and negative emotions into their body from others around them.

Based on the description, I guarantee that you have imagined an empath to be a calm and flattering person who is sensitive, silent and co-dependent.

Some or most of the above traits you might have assumed are truly present in empaths. Life of an empath is always overwhelming stressful due to the thoughts and emotions flowing in from others in every direction. Most of the empaths are hypersensitive to light, sound and scents as they feel everything much stronger than an average person. Therefore, mostly they would choose calm and quietness above social life, hence could be misunderstood as an unsocial and a weak person.

Another reason for empaths to be judged as weak is due to their high exposure to everything and everyone around them, they get mentally drained and would depend comfort in their partners and friends.

But the truth is empaths are not weak. NOT AT ALL

Most of the empaths poses the traits of what we traditionally call in “An alpha personality”.


When it comes to careers, do you know a shocking number of empaths have chosen to serve the vulnerable people in the society?

If you have time to sit and talk with a few nurses, hospice workers and animal rehabilitators, you will notice that most of them are highly sensitive to what others are going through. Their strong feeling towards other people’s suffering is mostly what have drawn then towards their chosen careers.

This is where the alpha aspect of empaths plays its part

It could be obvious that the people mentioned above are quiet and meek characters. But imagine how much strength is necessary to work with people and animals who are going through terminal illnesses?

A person who is suffering with Alzheimer could bash a hospital worker for no possible reason. Still they will treat the patient with so much love and care

An animal which they have treated with love might scream for a day in pain before passing away.

A cute looking child with incurable cancer might talk about their future plans to a nurse who have to listen to the child with a smiling face.

Just imagine for a minute about the courage and strength needed to carry out these tasks on daily basis.


Due to the ability to think in another person’s brain and to feel in another person’s heart, Alpha empaths are born leaders.

Just imagine a board meeting or a negotiation. If a person and sense what other people think and feel, it is very easy to get everyone united to a common objective. With their ability, they can create enthusiasm in naysayers and make hesitant people feel reassured.

An alpha empath would lead a group or an organization in a very compassionate and humane way.  They will create greater connection, collaboration and coordination in the group which they lead.

An empathic boss would understand if one of the employee is struggling even though they try to pretend they are totally fine. Also they would sense in advance if any employee is about to create some sort of a problem in the organization.

An empathic leader would choose compassion and negotiation to get everyone in line towards a shared objective instead of demanding to follow commands.


Some empaths get manipulated and mistreated by narcissists because they does not like to create pain and suffering to others. Instead they will silently absorb everything

Some people always try to ware down sensitive people with emotional and mental assault to get what they want. This will not work with alpha empaths

Just using the glance of the eye, an alpha empath has the ability to remind the manipulator where the door is and they should probably leave to wherever they came from.

Any empath can sense the intentions of the manipulator due to their mind reading capability. This particular alpha does not only read the mind, but also will use the best tactic to escape from it or even reverse it back towards the manipulator.


When you think of an alpha, you would normally imagine a demanding and arrogant person. An alpha empath isn’t like any other alpha.

A person who is compassionate and prime at the same time would be a perfect choice for a long term relationship. Am alpha empath would know exactly what and how things should be done, but does not their needs ahead of their loved ones.

Even in family life, they would know how things should operate and how to lead the family towards prosperity. They would lead the family by ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and every idea is taken into consideration.

There are other perks in having an empathetic partner. They would know what you want way before you even ask for something. They would understand their partner’s dreams and aspirations and would be very supportive in fulfilling them.

Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly strong and compassionate. It is not the empath who is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally disabled.