Mark Jenkins is an American expert that owns arrived up with an aesthetic means to capture characters out through defeating realistic-looking Mannequins in towns approximately the world. The expert estimates those investments in the center gallery. He regulates the Mannequins in his record and the stimulating pose frequently makes the viewer question realistic.

Mark made his prime avenue painting installation in 2003 in Rio De Janeiro meanwhile he fixed a personality within each waste lavatory. He required to induce consideration of the developing problem of displaced kids around the highways. Ultimately, the special scheme increased and amazing from the expert’s achievements emphasized during positions like Lazarides Galleries and Kunsthalle Vein.

In an interview with Reuters, the artist said the themes of his installations are bleak. “They are most marginalized, sometimes in lonely states, so it’s poetic but dark. For example, the guy on the river has a colored balloon that tries to magically kick him out. It’s always been the foundation of trust, ”Mark said. The artist explained, “These days, people are buried on their mobile phones. I wanted to see them. So at first, I collected social data about people’s reactions. But after six years, these images are more about poetry and capturing a magical moment.”

Check out Marc’s amazing installations in the gallery below!

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