Though there are many types of cats have you ever heard of a wolfcat? These kinds of cats are also called Lykoi. This is about a little wolfcat. Not long ago a video about a kitten had gone viral and it was posted by an account in the name Graciewolfcat. 

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Bree from Central Maine, the owner of this cat who’s a photographer in profession has spoken about her wolfcat Gracie with the Bored Panda. She had said that she fostered 2 to be mom cats. And they had given birth to 12 babies. And that the 2 moms took care of the 12 babies as their own without differentiating.


The fostered Cats and their babies.



She had noticed that one baby looked a bit weak and had less hair. The kitten has been taken to the vet where she had been told that the baby kitty is fine and healthy. She had taken a bit of time to improve and her hair had started to grow. She had been worried about the fact that the baby was not like her mommy  or the fellow kittens.



Bree with the little kitten Gracie.


Gracie was a  little different from other cats.



When the kitten had started to grow Bree had googled for different types of cats and through the research done she had figured that Gracie was a wolfcat. She had shared a few facts about wolfcats that she had discovered from her research. She had said that Lykoi or wolfcats are similar to normal household cats. And that this is due to a natural genetic mutation among feral cat colonies where her mom was also found. And that these cats have only one fur cat and they would shed fur about every 6 months. Also that she has sensitive skin which requires more attention and care. And should look out more on her face area and feet as grease and oil builds up in those areas.



Also Bree had shared that she had loved to kiss and smell Gracie as the kitten has a certain smell that she’s in love with. And that Gracie pushes her face away when she does it but still loves to do it. And also she loves Gracie’s big charming eyes.



Gracie had one coat of fur and shed fur often when compared with other cats.



She said that the video had 6 million views and 1.1 million likes and also that Gracie now has 42k followers. She had said she had posted some other tik tok videos about Gracie’s story too. And also that a wolfcat cost about $3000 and it’s great that she got one for free.



Bree had said that Gracie was perfectly fine and healthy. And that her favourite toy is a laser pointer. Also she had shared facts about Gracie’s personality too. And also she had said that out of the 2 mom cats one cat, the black one had passed away as she had been sick for a while and that Bree thinks it’s Gracie’s mom. Bree also has a mini dachshund which is 14 years old.



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