Babies have peach fuzz on their body, a full head of hair, or no hair at all. However, this little girl became famous in 2018 when her mom shared photos of her. It was just 4 months for Chanco, but she had the more-than-full head of hair. After posting the first photo by Mami Kano who manages the Insta account of Chanco, around 300,000 people started to follow her account.

Mami was surprised how the photos of her little girl became famous this soon among others.

Chanco Just turns one year for December 23. In this month, January 7th Chanco appears in the ad alongside Japanese television personality Sato Kondo. Sato’s been admired all over the country for aging gracefully and proudly showing her gray hair.

Yoshiaki Okura who is the Brand Director of Procter & Gamble Japan told People that the two represent women who “want to be positive and make a new start through their hair.”

Mami Created an Instagram account for 4 months old Chanco. This is the first photo she posted with a full head of hair.

Her Hair has not grown overnight, but She was born with a remarkable amount of hair for an infant.

It’s always a surprise to see a baby with the full head of hair because we won’t experience such things in daily life.

No one was more amazed and shocked about the attention Chanco got online than her Mom.

“I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries.” Mami Told

When asked how she maintains Chanco’s hair, her mom said, “Brushing and just let her live as she is.”

Chanco loved her first haircut before her first birthday.

“I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids,” Mami Said

She is the cutest out of all. People have been awaiting her modeling debut because they were impressed with many pictures her mom has posted.

Chanco’s stunning hair and sunny demeanor make her the flawless candidate to be a Pantene model!


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?????? *コメントや、いいねを下さった方々すみません? 再投稿いたしましたので、またコメントいただけると嬉しいです!! ???????????? この度、C Channelの『mama+』のアンバサダーに就任いたしました?? . これから様々なBabychancoをお届けできるかと思います???? . よろしくお願いします?? . @mamatastv でもご覧いただけます? . ====== . Big news❣️ I’ve been chosen to become an ambassador for the C channel ‘Mama+’. I’ll be sharing more Babychanco related content through the channel! Check it ? @mamatastv . #ママタス #mamatas #ママタスアンバサダー #爆毛赤ちゃん

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So Mami and Chanco are the brand ambassador for the C Channel’s Mama+. Therefore, they content for the channel while they maintaining a personal account.

Her first birthday on December 23.

After two weeks of time, Chanco made her Pantene Japan debut for Yoshiaki Okura.

“We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support,” Yoshiaki said.


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2018年。 染めない、隠さないグレイヘアが、多くの女性の賞賛を得た近藤サトさん。 生まれたままの髪の個性が、世界中の人々に愛された爆毛赤ちゃん @babychanco 。 ・ ふたりはわたしたちに、自分を素直に表現することの大切さを 教えてくれたのかもしれません。 ・ 2019年。 もっとたくさんの人たちが「なりたい私」へ、一歩踏み出せる年でありますように。 #さあこの私で行こう ・ パンテーンは美しい髪で、すべての女性を応援します。 ・ In 2018, Sato Kondo, who proudly lives without coloring or hiding her grey hair, won the admiration of many women. Hairmax Baby, @babychanco , received love from people all over the world because of her naturally unique hair. ・ In some way or other, these two may have taught us the importance of expressing our true selves. ・ In 2019, We hope many more women will take a step forward towards who they want to be. ・ ・ #さあこの私で行こう #さあこの髪で行こう #HairWeGo #パンテーン #pantene #近藤サト #グレイヘア #爆毛赤ちゃん #babychanco

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Chanco appears in the ad with Japanese television personality Sato Kondo.

This is an own digital shot of Chanco by Pantene.

Chanco seems thrilled to see herself in print. It’s just the beginning for the sweet little girl, she wins everyone’s love day by day. She is such an adorable soul.

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