Living rooms and bedrooms are the essential parts of the house, and crystal table lamp sets are the perfect adornments for them. This doesn’t come as a surprise since these rooms are where we find the most comfort and where we spend the most time. So it is a very natural instinct to want to dress up and spruce these rooms however you like.

If you ever work with an interior designer, one thing you will notice the most is the amount of attention they give to your living room and the bedrooms. Every person recognizes these two as the highlights of every home.

Even when you want to make an impression on your guests, regarding your style and aesthetics, you do so with the living room. So it is only right to adorn it with eye-catching elements, apart from your furniture and theme, such as crystal table lamp sets.

Best Crystal Table Lamps of 2020

A beautiful décor comes to life under the perfect lighting, given that lighting is a powerful element in giving your room a character. It is imperative to give careful consideration to lighting, to add just the right balance of gentleness, coziness, and the perfect ambiance.

Let’s discuss the best crystal table lamp sets of 2020.

01. Crystal and Warm Antique Brass Rolland Table Lamp

You can bring instant modernity and glamour to your living with this crystal column table lamp. An elegant design makes for the perfect décor atop your table or nightstand. The warm finishing in antique brass makes a perfect accent to go with your rich golden tones.

The lamp finishes off neatly with a drum shade in off-white on the top, giving it an authentic classic look. This lamp contains two switches with pull chains that allow you easy control for lighting.

02. 360 Lighting Margaret with a Coastal Accent

If you are aiming for a more artistic and timeless look for your living room, then this pair of coastal accent lamps are just what you need.

These lamps feature a mother of pearl accent in tiles. They look tremendously gorgeous, with all the patterns and color blends incorporated in their design. Using natural materials, each lamp has a height of 23 inches and a base having a diameter of 5.5 inches.

The drum shade has a width of 13 inches and a height of 9 inches. They each contain a single, 150-watt bulb, with an off/on socket switch.

03. Crystal Column Aline Table Lamps

This design is available in a pair with a base in column-style. Each lamp sits atop a square pedestal that progress upwards to meet the geometric shapes at the neck of the lamp.

The lamp comes together with a grey drum shade at the top, while softening the glow from the bulb inside. A crystal finial cube holds the drum shade to complete the final look.

These elegant looking lamps are the perfect accents for any empty tabletop in your stylish rooms.

04. Regency Hill Crystal Lamps

The Regency hill traditional lamp sets are the perfect way to bring modern vibes and traditional touches together. The shades are in white cream color with an empire-style bell design, which perfectly brings out the traditional element with the flared glass.

This design is available in a pair, with a circular base having a 6 inches wide diameter. The sturdy base ensures the lamps stay steady on your tabletops. The lamps close the brass accents in vase-like structure of glass.

You can see the brass finishing at the base, which only further adds to the appeal of the design. The vase-like glass ends in cut glass at the neck as the brass ascends into the neck of the lamp.

05. Focondot Crystal Table Lamps

These lamps are so versatile and so decorative that you just won’t be able to take your eyes off them. The lamps are solid stuff because the manufacturers use a silver metal shade in the manufacturing process as well as transparent crystals.

The design is simplistic but goes well with various décor styles. You can add this pair to oomph up your living room, bedrooms, children’s room, or just about any lovely room in your house. When you light the lamps, the light within will form a somewhat golden, ambient glow from the cylindrical shades.

For a bit more versatility, you can experiment with various colored bulbs and watch interesting light effects occur.

Best Crystal Table Lamps You Need To Buy In 2020

Guide to Buying the Perfect Crystal Table Lamps

It is quite exciting to do completely transform and decorate your room, but at the same time, it can also be a challenge. The right style, the correct color combinations, staying within the budget, and choosing the best accent lightings for your space can be very tricky to navigate.

Lighting means enhancing the beauty of your room, but how do you choose the best lamps for your place? Here are some tips to guide you on your next table lamp shopping spree.

Table lamps primarily serve two purposes:

  • Enhance your room’s ambience and character.
  • Improve the performance of your activities.

Table lamps are the most portable forms of light you will see in every home today. They are modern, easy to install, and a quick way to achieving tons of glamor and style. Some modern designs even come with a USB charging portal for some of your small electronic devices these days.

Accent Table Lamps

Lamps that come under this category exist to provide you ambient light as well as make your personal style statement. Although they are functional, but their primary purpose is to emphasize your interior design theme.

So when you set out to choose accent table lamps, you really must give your aesthetics the freedom to guide you. Let your aesthetic choices define your room, with your choice of colors, textures, curves. Feel free to adopt a theme that celebrates and reflects who you are.

Reading Desk Lamps

If the purpose of your lamp purchase is to buy lamps online to find something that will help you read better, then you must focus on certain technical details. These include the correct height, the correct degree of brightness, and should be flexible so that you can draw the light on your reading material.

Final Thoughts

Crystals have a unique way of adding grandeur to the beauty of a room. Not many natural materials bring as much sophistication and splendor as crystals do. This is why most modern living rooms and bedrooms demand a décor that incorporates crystal elements such as crystal table lamp sets. The right set can add so much beauty, modernity, class, and style to your living rooms with such little effort.

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