“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

Every relationship reaches the point where that person you were convinced you couldn’t live without becomes the person you live with. That’s when you really find out if you are with the right person.

But, you will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your partner.

Do you want to know whether you are with the right person? Then see whether your partner is doing these 10 things for you.

1. They will devote their attention to you.

They will Express interest in you and be engaged. They will put their phone away and show they are truly listening. They will feel your situation and seeing things through your eyes.
They will simply be listening to you and talk about your day. If you have any issues, problems, or daily challenges, they will help you to resolve them and make you smile each day.

2. They willfully commit themselves to you.

You are the top priory for them. They always want to put a smile on your face. How much they are occupied with their work, they will always find time for you.

3. They will accept and love you for who you really are.

They will notice all your strengths, faults, quirks, insecurities, and weaknesses. Yet they will love you the same way without neglecting or ignoring you. To this person, you will be perfect with all your imperfections.

4. They will take care of you

They will always reach you when you are sad or when you are heartbroken. They will always protect you from others, especially people who are trying to take advantage of you. They will never allow you to deal with your problems alone. They will do their best to make you feel loved, safe, and protected as you are the best thing ever happen to them.

5. They will resolve arguments with maturity.

You will start to face problems and challenges in your relationship, in such cases, they will not sweep your problems under the carpet or start an angry fight with you. Instead, they will put an effort to understand your feelings and act like a matured person because you are the most important person for them.

6. They would not be ashamed to show their vulnerability.

They will express their vulnerable sides because they know this is how the emotional and spiritual connection between you will get deeper.

7. They will be proud of you.

They will encourage you to continue pursuing your goals and passions. Meanwhile, they will be proud of all your successes and achievements.

8. They will give you compliments.

They will compliment you like “I am amazed at how you have accomplished your goals” Or “Your smile brightens my day, every day” This person gives you a compliment, you will know they really mean it.

9. They will include you in all their future plans.

This person will never be able to imagine their future without you being a part of it.

10. They will love you unconditionally.

They will always love you with all their heart because they cannot imagine a world without you.

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