If you want to play live roulette successfully, you should pay attention to some important information. In this way, the players can optimize their own gaming behavior. Therefore, we have looked at the best tips and tricks for live dealer roulette online in-depth.

Preferably use roulette tables with surrender or en prison

With roulette tables with the surrender function, players can secure an advantage. If the ball in the wheel falls on red/black, even / odd or high/low, the player only loses half of his stake and gets the other half back into his account. This halves the house edge of the casino. The en prison rule, just like surrender, reduces the casino’s house edge by 50 percent. If the ball falls into the field of zero, all even-money bets are suspended until the next round. The stake is, therefore, not lost.

Do not use roulette tables with the double zero

Players should increasingly use roulette tables that only have a single zero. It is therefore advisable to increasingly use European Roulette or French Roulette instead of American Roulette. In this way, the player’s chances of winning are increased.

Choosing the right bankroll

In live roulette casinos, players should definitely only use money that they do not necessarily need. At no time should money be used that is urgently needed elsewhere.

Take regular breaks

In live speed roulette, it is particularly important that the players can always keep their concentration high. When tiredness or exhaustion sets in, players should definitely take a break and continue playing later.

The limits and payout percentages in Live Roulette

There are some differences in terms of the limits and payout percentages in live dealer roulette compared to online roulette. Customers should find out more about this in advance.

The provision of live speed roulette tables is a significant cost factor for the various online casino providers. Higher profit margins must be produced to pay for this increased effort. For this reason, participation in live dealer roulette tables, compared to the electronic version, is not possible from a small amount of a few cents.

Nevertheless, most live roulette sites allow participation from as little as 50 cents. A number of live speed roulette tables allow high five-digit sums to be wagered. In live speed roulette, these limits give high rollers their money’s worth. The slot games and the electronic games do not allow stakes of this size.

Best Tips And Tricks For Live Roulette

Play immersive roulette on a smartphone or tablet

With most casino providers, live roulette online can be played on the desktop version on the computer and a smartphone or tablet. This option is usually offered to players through an online casino app.

A casino app is made available to players free of charge by online casino providers. In addition to using live dealer roulette, an online casino app offers players many more options. It enables customers to coordinate deposits and withdrawals directly via a smartphone or tablet. Customers can also contact customer service or make changes to their personal account management.

Suppose you want to play live speed roulette on the go using a smartphone or tablet. In that case, you should always ensure that a fast and stable internet connection is available so that no delays or disconnections have to be accepted.

Top 5 questions from our casino crushers

Can I use a roulette bonus?

It is necessary to be using a bonus to play for the live casino before the real money games for certain live roulette casino. However, these promotions are not often available, so the players need to make an accurate comparison of the various offers. Customers must also pay attention to how much the stakes for online roulette are taken into account for fulfilling the associated bonus conditions.

What is the best live dealer roulette variant?

The various online casino providers offer customers different versions of live dealer roulette. The best-known variants include European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette. Ideally, however, the players should use a European Roulette or French Roulette table. American Roulette has a double zero that raises the casino’s house edge.

Do all online casinos offer live speed roulette?

All online casinos that offer a live casino area for their customers usually have different live speed roulette tables on offer. The number of speed roulette tables, however, varies between the different providers. There can be big differences between the individual providers, especially about special live roulette variants. Therefore it is advisable for the casino customers in any case to compare the offers for immersive roulette with each other.

Can I also play roulette in the mobile version?

With many online casino providers, it is possible to use the live casino via a special casino app or through the website’s mobile version. If live dealer roulette is offered via the casino app, players can also use this game via a smartphone or tablet. If you’d like to play live dealer roulette on the go, make sure you have fast and reliable internet.

What are the best alternatives to live roulette?

In a live casino, also, to live speed roulette, many other games are offered to customers. At most online casino providers, players will find a large selection for live blackjack and live baccarat.  This table game among many gamblers is one of the most famous casino games. Numerous providers also offer Live Dreamcatcher and Live Monopoly.

Best Tips And Tricks For Live Roulette

Register now in the online casino and play live roulette

Live dealer roulette is one of the best online casino table games. Suppose you register with one of the top providers out there. In that case, you can play live dealer roulette in a serious atmosphere and pick up a roulette bonus. Then there is little in the way of the great live casino fun roulette. Start now!

Live roulette comes in many varieties

Most online casino providers offer live roulette in the variants European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. A special live speed roulette incentive may be triggered by creating a qualifying deposit in certain online casinos. If you want to play roulette, you should first familiarize yourself with the respective betting rules.

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