Many post-Soviet countries and the Eastern bloc countries of Europe are scattered with numerous statues and monuments commemorating the Soviets. While more and more countries choose to tear down the monuments of their former oppressors, some choose to keep them in the face of popular disapproval. This is the state of the Soviet military monument located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The largest monument was rebuilt in 1954 when Bulgaria was under Communist rule. Nowadays, many Bulgarians, especially the younger generation, view it as a monument of former oppressors, leading to the occasional destruction.

In 2011, artists painted the monument like American pop-culture characters.

Image credit: Ignat Ignev

This “product” was created by Destructive Creation, a group of anonymous artists. Players are transformed into a variety of colorful characters, including Wonderwoman, The Joker, Superman, and Ronald McDonald. The phrase under the sculpture translates to “speed with time.”

A year later, the monument was once again destroyed and balaclavas were given to soldiers in support of the Pussy Riot

Image credits: Nikolay Tsekov

To the displeasure of many people, three members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years each in 2012. Bright-colored balaclavas, the band’s signature symbol, were placed on the players’ heads.

On the anniversary of Prague’s spring in 1968, the monument was covered in pink in 2013

Image credits:  Ignat Ignev

The pink color was not accidentally selected – it is a memorial note for the Soviet Tank Group in Prague, which was painted pink in 1991 by sex artist David Sherna. The text under the monument is translated as “Bulgaria Apologizes”.

In 2014, the monument was painted blue and yellow in support of the Ukrainian Revolution.

Image credits: Vassia Atanassova

One of the monument’s soldiers was painted blue and yellow to show support for Ukraine following the struggles with Euro. The phrase “Glory to Ukraine” was written in Ukrainian under the monument.

How about when this monument is not destroyed

Image credits: kashulk
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