John Lepper is the beloved father of Bayden and Brianna, he was so kind enough to build a beautiful tree house for them. The children were so happy to see this tree house which was built with a new design and features.

What kind of children does not like to have a tree house for their own to hang around and do what they like? Unfortunately, the town officials have come across Lepper family’s way opposing that the tree house is not safe.

CBS2 have reported that after a photo of the tree house was published, the officials of Babylon, New York informed Lepper family that they do not give authority for the tree house and it should be destroyed. The officials have further informed John that it does not fulfill the requirements for a tree house and he needed a permit. They said it was different compared to other tree houses with a space of 86 square foot.

John told CBS2 that “I built a nice, safe outdoor playground for these kids and they’ve been ordered not to use it,”.

And his wife, Noelle added that “It’s just a shame. Our kids are heartbroken, and so am I,”.

The kids were so upset to hear this and John decided to fight against this decision. Under the building code, special permits are not required for a tree house under 90 square feet. John filled a case against the town officials. Already the 3rd court hearing has passed but John thinks this whole scenario of these officials is just a waste of time and also a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Finally, John stated that “If I felt I was breaking the law, I would gladly take the tree house down and pay the fine,”.

Would you stand against if you get into a similar situation? Leave a comment in the below section.

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