The coronavirus patient zero, one of the first coronavirus patients was a 57-year-old female shrimp merchant in China’s Wuhan city. Wuhan Municipal Health Commission affirmed that Wei was among the initial 27 patients to test positive for COVID-19. Wuhan city is also the focal point for the birth of the coronavirus pandemic which THEN infected 28,000 lives all over the world.

This patient made a full recovery during the period of January following a month-long treatment. She additionally accepts that the administration ought to have acted with an extraordinary interest in the virus. Perhaps, if done so, a significant number of lives could have been saved and lessen the losses of life that are at present soaring.
The Coronavirus Patient Zero l, Wei Guixian was selling shrimps at the Huanan Seafood market on December 10, the place of her first contact with the virus.
As an ordinary individual, we would think it was a typical flu, and Wei thought of it in a similar way. So she went to the closest clinic to where she was given an injection, the Mirror UK detailed.

As we currently know, it doesn’t stop there. Wei became more vulnerable and more fragile which made her visit the Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan A DAY later.
She continued feeling lazy regardless of the medicines, she felt as though her body is losing strength. She at that point visited one of the greatest clinical departments in the district – Wuhan Union Hospital – on December 16

The Union Hospital at that point told Wei, many originated from Huanan Market had visited the medical clinic with matching symptoms.
It was toward the finish of December, the specialists understood the seriousness of the infection, driving them to quarantine Wei, alongside the others from the fish market, the Mirror cited Chinese news outlet The Paper.

“Coronaviruses clearly have the power to cross species boundaries and adapt to new hosts, which allows us to more directly predict more coronaviruses within the future.”
This promptly turns into an obligation to every single person to act as indicated by the guidance given by the Medical Health Authorities. Since adhering to the principles could help spare numerous individuals from getting infected!.

After quarantine has been reported, the “live market” was closed down promptly due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Wei was under a month-long treatment and she at long last recovered to her full wellbeing in January. She accepted that she got the disease from sharing a toilet to a meat merchant in the market. She likewise said that numerous sellers trading close also got the fatal sickness.

A research done by the Lancet clinical diary guarantees the first individual determined to have COVID-19 was recognized on December 1.

The total number of deaths from the novel coronavirus stood at 27,989 on Saturday 28th of March 2020 and 32,139 on Sunday 29th of March 2020. Over 683,536 infections have been recorded in 183 countries.

Currently, the USA has been recorded with the highest number of infections going up to 104,837 cases. Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been tested positive from coronavirus.

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