When it comes to business you know that almost every company tries to be the best in advertising. Recently a superb advertisement had appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, Japan. In Shinjuku city, a hyper-realistic giant 3D cat had appeared over a busy railway station. And the cat had been surprising the passengers of the station. Scroll down to see more about this giant cat.More info: vision.xspace.tokyo | twitter.com

#1 The videos of the giant 3D cat in Tokyo had gone viral on Twitter



#4 Some people had shared videos on Twitter of the cat doing different things

Image credits: cross_s_vision

Outside the Shinjuku station the Cross Shinjuku Vision, advertising space is located. And the big screen which shows the cat is 154.7 square meters in area and it is next to the Cross Shinjuku building.

#5 The MicroAd Digital had created this 4K 3D image

Image credits: cross_s_vision

The cat was created with the aim to show the world the future possibilities. And was developed under a commission from the owner of Cross Space by MicroAd digital Signage and Yunika Vision. On 12th July the big cat is to make its debut as for now it’s been just tested by broadcasting.

#6 The people were amazed by the cat and so it had gone viral

Image credits: Rico_vl


Image credits: nornornorsan

Japan does not use the curved LEDdigital signage which is successful in China and South Korea. The uniqueness about this is that it seems as the cat is really interacting with people. And for those who cannot go and have a visit to see the giant cat the Cross Space had decided to live stream the cat on YouTube.

#8 The video on the billboard is up from 7 am to 1 am and is changing throughout the day

Image credits: cross_s_vision

#9 The look of the billboard before the cat appeared

Image credits: cross_s_vision

#10 Here’s how people had reacted on Twitter

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