We come across stories of people who are putting themselves aside to contribute to a better cause. This is a story of such a blessed soul from Syria who puts his life on the line to rescue helpless pets from the ruins of the city.

His name is Mohammad Alaa Aljalee, ever since the large scale war out break in 2012, different opposing factors of militaries are been fighting in Syria back and forth. The city that Aljalee lives in, Aleppo, the biggest city in Syria. Most of the people fled scared for their lives and they had no idea what to do with their pets. Most of the time, the pets get left behind with no care or protection. Scroll down for the rest of the story.More info & Media courtesy: BBC


Aljalee’s heart fell for these poor creatures. He started out giving shelter to a 10-20 pets he found abandoned in the city. But when he saw that a lot more needed help, he did not hesitate.


He quickly rescued over 170 cats and dogs in the city of Aleppo and started his pet sanctuary called  Il Gattaro d’Aleppo, he launched it on social media so that people who had no idea where to leave their per can contact him.


Many people who leave their pets in care of Aljalee contacts him to check on their pet and some helps him by donating in whatever the way they can.


He is locally known as the ‘Cat man of Aleppo’. But even as he handles this pet sanctuary, he actively helps in rescuing civilians and people in need as well. This is an example of a person with a golden heart, who does everything possible to help those who are in need.



#7. Check out this video of him.

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Shawn Adams
2 years ago

Real life super heroes ❤️