Art if one of the most successful methods to carry an influential message into the community. This 27 foot ‘Angel’, with knives covering all of the figure is yet another message which carry an important message to the citizens of the United Kingdom and also the rest of the world.

The rising number of violence, mainly stabbings in the UK made the English police start a campaign. It requests the public to surrender their knives to the police in contribution to minimize violence in the country. Sculpturing  artist Alfie Bradley who works at the British Ironwork Centre was struck with an idea to utilize the confiscated knives for a better purpose. Scroll down to read more about this amazing piece of art.More info & Phot courtesy: Alfie BradleyFacebook | Instagram

Via: MyModernMet



He designed and got the approval of the police to use the knives that they confiscated. With a collection of knives that he received from 43 police stations around the United Kingdom, Bradely started his work in building this 27 feet tall Angel figure. He had to prepare the blades by dulling them out.

Furthermore, he also had to engrave messages on to the blades. The messages are from the families that are affected in the stabbing and cases which are bound with the weapons.



This is out on public view to carry the message of the police and the victim families. Along side the campaign Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife, which will hopefully raise awareness in the community to make people’s lives better



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