I am sure all of us have experienced the feeling of meeting someone new for the first time and instantly sensing their dislike and hatred towards us. Or perhaps someone who we have known for a while start to ignore us or display an unusual behavior.

There are situations where we cannot find a clear reason for this change in their behavior. This happen more often to empaths than to a normal person because empaths have a heightened sense of intuition and have the ability to read and see through others.

Perhaps you were close friends but unfortunately fell out. Perhaps you were lovers but things didn’t turn out as planned. We have also seen that some people prefer to take away the light of those who shine, they want us to be disturbed and not have peace.

Below are the main reasons why empaths are hated

  • They act as a mirror
  • Their vibration is too fast
  • Their stillness is wrongly interpreted

They act as a mirror (Reflecting Back)

People will hide their irrational behavior or personalities because they are scared that the Empath has the ability to reflect this back to them.

Why are they trying to hide their real personality?

It is because they want to fit into the society by manipulating others in a crafty and intelligent manner.

They fear being judged and disliked because they use these manipulative tactics to make someone believe that they are innocent. However they attempt to maintain a mask and live with a false identity.

One of the strangest conflicts occur when they comes face to face with an Empath. They cannot hide these concealed traits and tactics from an empath. For an example, when an empath observe closely, the traits they have worked hard to hide will be exposed. How do you think they will feel when that happens? This is a one reason that such people ill-treat empaths.

When an empath start to explore traits and tactics of others, they can bring up anything that a person want to be kept hidden. However, those who aren’t empaths would not realize the concealed traits and tactics of others and their disliking towards them.

If the conflict end with the Empath winning, manipulative people would feel as they are naked and exposed. Everything that they were being denying and hiding will be exposed to everyone.

The Mirror Effect

An Empath picks up on other people’s feelings such as jealousy, envying and bad racial opinions. An empath have the ability to understand other people’s truth and unveil the mask they hide behind. This could be one of the reasons why instant dislikes can form towards an Empath.

Your vibration is too fast…

If you are an empath, whenever you decide to make a change, you must understand why you’re making the change in the first place. You need to be able to identify what it is about your goal that adds to you as a person that makes you feel better and more expansive. Positivism can change your mind, body or spirit and make you cleaner or purer. This can cause rejection from those who are in the low-levels of vibrations.

A classic example is that a person with a lower vibration level will hate an empath for being special and being amazing. We have seen the more successful, happier, healthier we become, some of our friends will begins to hate us. They hate when we are in an emotionally high space. When we make changes and put ourselves in a Low vibrating space, the same friends will start liking us.

So why does this happen?

Sometimes when we become successful, hordes our friends, family and peers begin to understand how much of a failure they have turned out to be. Therefore vibrating in a higher space can repel even those who we love and care about. When the people in low levels feel that another person has changed or stepped up their frequency, it speaks to the dissatisfaction at the core of most people who are unwilling, afraid and unclear about their own life.

Most of them are not ready to raise their vibration by learning from who have reached higher vibration levels. They are simply not ready to take the next step in their life. All they want is to drag down the ones who are already above them.

As empaths are usually vibrating in a higher space, it is natural that people who spew negative energy to naturally repel empaths.

Your Stillness is Wrongly Interpreted

When an empath is faced with problems, an empath want nothing more than being invisible to others. Empaths do not usually melt down or load their issues on others. Many weak people consider this to be superior behaviour. They wrongly assuming that an empath believe they are in some way superior and above them.

When you work on your emotional intelligence in a positive manner, people who are mentally and emotionally insecure will consider you as a threat.

In addition the more insecure someone is, the more they are offended by your silence. This is mainly because others don’t feel what an empath feels and it is very difficult for them to understand why an empath have to withdraw the way they do. They may consider this as disrespect and reject you as a way to hurt you.

When you feel someone has started an aversion towards you, remember that you would not take it personally. It is just the Mirror of the Empath at work.