When it came to rainbow hair, we thought we have seen it all, but it changed when everyone’s attention was drawn to Holographic shades.

According to an interview with Redken colorist Chiala Marvici with Modern Salon, the holographic trend is brought out by an art called hand-pressed coloring. The hair strands appear multi-colored and shimmering on the wearer because it is characterized by complex metallic or pastel tones.

Hand-pressed coloring uses the techniques behind screen printing and brings them to your locks. The stylist paints various designs on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye and then places a hair section onto the glass, transferring the dye to the strands. To differ the intensity of hues, the stylist redoes the procedure using pastel colors of pink, blue, and lavender on various parts of the hair or frequently on the same part. This method is quicker than other color applications like foil and balayage and allows the stylist to have significant control over the vibrancy of the look.

Until now, Marvici only has directed a few stylists’ about the art but very soon it will be trending everywhere. There’s one thing which you should know before heading to the salon, the client should have light hair color like blond or gray in order for rainbow colors to look holographic on the hair. The outcome is so lovely that it looks as it was sprinkled with pixie dust, and we can’t get enough of the fun trend.


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