Did you know that March 20th is National Proposal Day? If you did not know you are not alone, because many people do not know that is a “day”. Even though you feel that you missed a perfect opportunity to pop the question, you should not fret if you still want to propose this year. After all, the ideal time to propose varies from couple to couple.

The same applies to the engagement ring you choose. Of course, people will likely make passive-aggressive comments about the diamond ring you choose, but you should focus more on the authentic love you share with your partner.

That said, it is always good to go for a unique diamond ring because it is something that your spouse will be wearing for a long time. If you need a shopping guide to help you find the ring that will turn heads, you are in the right place.

Let us dive in and see what options are available to you in 2020!

Three-stone Diamond Engagement Rings

As the name implies, the three-stone diamond ring is an engagement ring that features two stones that frame a center gem. This is an ideal engagement ring for couples who want to express their authentic love because of its symbolic design.

Many believe that the three stones on this diamond ring represent a couple’s past, present, and future. For this reason, it shows that the couple getting engaged are on a journey together. After all, this is what all unions and commitment are all about.

Other couples choose the three-stone diamond engagement ring because it can also represent friendship, love, and fidelity. If you are getting engaged to your friend, whom you love and vow to be faithful to, this ring would interest you.

Interestingly, it is the same one that Meghan Markle wears, and we all know how she and Prince Harry are such great friends. Hers is a stunning yellow gold three-stone diamond ring that is both versatile and contemporary.

Here are three-stone engagement rings you can choose from:

  • Aria Diamond Ring

The Aria diamond ring comes with two pear-shaped diamonds that gracefully frame the center diamond piece. It is a simplistic yet classic ring that exudes elegance. The delicate metal band attached to it further accentuates its beauty.

  • Selene Diamond Ring

If you are looking for sophistication, then the Selene diamond ring is your best bet. This three-stone diamond engagement ring is an understated piece that comes with a subtle spark and a delicate accent. It features a band gently tapering towards the diamonds at the center.

  • Three-Stone Petite Twisted-Vine Diamond Ring

This is a nature-inspired diamond engagement ring that features a lustrous metal band that entwines strands of metal with diamonds. This twisted vine design gives it an organic feel. It is an intricate three-stone diamond ring that is suitable for nature lovers.

  • Tapered Baguette Diamond Ring

This ring features bar-set baguette diamonds and an emerald-cut center diamond. It is a captivating piece because the two diamonds on the sides perfectly complement the center diamond piece. This engagement ring has a modern twist, and the art deco-inspired diamond shapes make the ring even more appealing.

  • Lyra Diamond Ring

The Lyra diamond ring is very chic and shimmery. It features three diamond pieces, framing pavé diamond accents. It is a vintage three-stone diamond engagement ring with a modern twist.

  • Piper Diamond Ring

The vertical alignment of diamonds in this ring gives it a unique appearance. The center gem is surrounded by baguette diamonds, and this setup results in a striking silhouette.

The Most Popular and Unique Diamond Engagement Rings for 2020

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage rings are very popular, and many couples tend to choose the most consistent themes in the market. These rings are raw and rustic and have a romantic feel to them that every couple desires.

Old-world rings are appealing because designers have succeeded in adding a modern twist to them. Aside from that, they feature a distinctive character, and they are quite sustainable.

When you are shopping for a unique ring, you want something that already exists, like vintage diamond engagement rings. Here are unique vintage rings that you can choose from:

  • Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous piece that will definitely make you stand out irrespective of the room you walk into. If you love attention, this ring will make sure you get lots of it because it is not only big and bright, the details make it look authentically vintage.

Since people romanticize vintage rings so much, they are quite popular and loved. Some vintage rings feature a unique halo in the shape of an octagon. The halo is made of emerald and round diamonds that are framed by milgrain accents.

  • Tilda Engagement Ring

This work of art is unexpectedly detailed, a feature not commonly found on many other rings. The Tilda engagement ring is a unique piece that features round diamonds.

This is a classic ring, not because it features round diamonds, but because it is a vintage style engagement ring. Many couples choose vintage diamond engagement rings because they have been the perfect illustration of authentic romantic love since time immemorial.

This is a shiny ring that will brighten up every look you pull off. Even though engagement rings signify commitment, they should also be easy to wear on regular days as well.

  • Vintage Hexagonal Halo Vaulted Diamond Band Engagement Ring

This is a common vintage diamond ring, and many couples choose it because they are quite unique. The hexagonal halo vaulted featured on this ring makes it stand out. It is a popular ring that is making a comeback in many ring designs. The geometric detailing of this ring is unlike any other.


Couples should take their time when choosing an engagement ring. You can never go wrong when you choose a diamond engagement ring, as long as you buy it from a well-reputed jewelry shop. Ensure that you go for something unique because engagement rings are supposed to last a lifetime.

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