When we talk about the new age lifestyle of bikers, then you must have heard the term, Live to ride, ride to live. That pretty much summarises a biker lifestyle. But it’s rare to find someone can who actually lives up to this standard. Some exist, but hard to find. Most of us live for other things as well but most of us have other things that depend on us as a rider, and most of us are ruled by other things such as the glamour of being a biker more than the riding experience.

Whether it’s our kids, our jobs, our spouses our businesses, or even Uncle Ben, most of us are tied down to our routines and everyday cycle. Someone who lives the biker lifestyle doesn’t get stuck to one place. The biker lifestyle is about liberty, the freedom of the road, and being free to go wherever you want to go.

Living the biker lifestyle is like being a wanderer on two-wheels, traveling around the places, and never really staying in one destination. It’s about making friends and then letting them go. It’s about waking up one morning and not knowing where you’ll be sleeping. Some people do this, but it’s very infrequent.

The New Age Of Motorcyclists

Some people think that being a member of a 3-piece patch club, or, one-percenter club means living the biker lifestyle. Wrong. That just makes you a club member. Others think that going to rallies and runs and partying with bikers means living the standards of being a biker. Wrong. That just makes you a freeloader and someone who loves to party, it’s not even being closer to what you think you are if you’re a true biker.

The biker lifestyle is not about socializing. It’s about being free, feeling the liberty, and not confining yourself to one place. Live to ride or ride to live, having two luggage bags on the rare wheel, and ready to explore the world on your own. How many of us have the guts to let go of everything that chains us down, and lives up to that dedication?

It’s more of a journey of life rather than a long trip away from your home town. It sounds more appealing when hearing it from someone who looks from a distance to every genuine rider. But in reality, it has a separate mindset that helps you be more and more comfortable in your environment as a rider and modifies you as a person of perspective. Some leather jackets and biker gloves make it a lot cooler to those when people see it. But that represents who you are in real life. And your ride isn’t just a machine under you. It’s a part of your self making you a complete person.

When you ask any motorcyclist about their journey and why they ride, you might have multiple answers to it. Many of them love it for the sake of lifestyle, some say that they love it for the freedom they feel while riding and for some of them it’s the speed that makes them feel nostalgic about being their riding experience and many love the freedom of the traffic-free roads to travel as much as one can with all the required stuff in the saddlebags for bikes. Whatever the reason, and the psyche of every rider out there, there is one thing that brings every rider together and that is the joy of being one with the machine. It makes it the best experience compared to anything that anyone can not feel.

The New Age Of Motorcyclists

Studies have additionally demonstrated that when individuals utilize an instrument, their peripersonal space extends to incorporate the territory that the device permits us to collaborate with. This shows the psychological development of our physical selves is incredibly adaptable and can grow to incorporate a tool. In the mid-twentieth century, a leader by Nicolelis Martin encouraged a rhesus monkey to work robots with her mental ability and utilizing what they called a mind and computer interface. Past the energizing ramifications for prosthetics and human enlargement, what captivated me was what they found about the monkey’s cerebrum movement as she worked the robot.

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