Meet this adorable new-born Klipspringer calf! This wonderful new is from USA, the Brevard Zoo of Florida has announced the arrival of this baby on the 15th of April this year. Weighing about 27.5 ounces at birth, it is a very healthy and an active baby boy!

They are native to the Sub-Saharan African areas where the habitat is rocky. The females of this kind gives birth to a calf once a year, so this birth is pretty much an important event to be celebrated. They are looked after very carefully by the staff at the Zoo constantly to ensure the health of the baby. This baby becomes the 9th Klipspringer at the zoo and it is still kept in enclosure with its mother, so they can form a better bond and the staff can pay better attention as well.

These Klipspringers usually eat herbs, leaves and anything they can find in the rocky terrain. But their favourite food are sunflowers. They have not still decided a name for the baby. The staff will most probably name the calf at the public reveal. It is a very happy news that these species are healthily increasing their numbers and the staff at the zoo are in love with this cute little baby that they have just received. Wishing a healthy life to the new born baby, here are some pictures of the adorable calf. Scroll down to check out these photos and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!More info and Photo courtesy: Brevard Zoo





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