Meet Anthony Mmesoma Madu, a 11 year old Nigerian boy who has a taste and also an extreme talents for dancing. He is lives in very challenging conditions, unlike other children who are training and involved in dancing in other parts of the world. His life turned around when a video of him dancing went viral on the internet.

He attends the Leap of Dance Academy at his school where Madu is one of the 12 dancers there. In the video that went viral, Madu shows how a boy from a community that doesn’t appreciate ballet as western societies, this boy is an exceptional dancer. His parents wanted him to become a priest when he grew up, it was because Nigeria did not have any proper future in dancing for children just as Madu. Scroll down to check out the video and more details about Madu.More info & Media courtesy: Instagram | Facebook.

#1. The Viral Video.


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This viral video reached United States at Ballet Beyond Borders, who decided to give the boy a scholarship to train in USA. This is a huge accomplishment for young Madu from a background that does not even know much about ballet. His video had more than 15 million in views including celebrities which made the dancing academy fix its focus on Madu.

#2. The Talented 12 Year Old Madu.

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