Wildlife photography is one of the most interesting jobs out there since you may never know what you might unveiled. This is yet another such wonderful experience of Scott Dere. During a photoshoot with his crew; Beaumon day, Brooke Bartleson and Olympus Explorer, Dere had his camouflaged camera locked on some owls in the woods.More Info & Image Courtesy : beaudayphotography.com | Scott Joshua Dere  | arthurlefo |Brooke Bartleson | Beaumon

A young owl on the branches was very observant throughout. Within a couple of minutes, it glided down the tree right on to Dere’s head to get a closer look on the operation. After a bit, the owl got down to his camera, allowing Dere to give a slight but nervous pose.

His team quickly acted on taking these pictures, but the Owl did not seem to be in a hurry at all. It seemed to be curious about the team of photographers. It might be a wonderful moment both for the photographers and the Owl itself.

Scott Dere had some wonderful encounters on his line of work and they are the reason that Dere enjoys his profession so much. They are living examples of how coexistence with nature can be so wonderful.

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