As a child, I sometimes felt that I wasn’t important. My parents’ attention was always focused on everyday life. With that feeling came the thought that I am not really loved. Because my parents hardly spent any time with me. Only occasionally have I found out that my parents loved me. That was the case when I was sick. It wasn’t until I grew up that I understood why that was. And I realize that it wasn’t my parents fault that I felt these feelings. It was karma that challenged me to solve this problem. And I only managed to do that because I had a broad perspective. I analyzed the circumstances my parents grew up with and forgave them.

But not everyone who has such an experience can handle it like me. For some people, parents are a real karma drama. They cannot replace the experiences of childhood and take them with them into their adult lives. But how can you solve this karma problem and forgive your parents?

Parents And Your Karma

What is Karma?

Simple definition of Karma in spiritual sense is, a concept based on the principle of cause and effect. In general terms, this can mean: every action, whether by you or by those around you, has consequences. These can fall back on you directly or indirectly. The karma theory can also be viewed as an ethical set of rules.

When you interpret karmic energy that arises through your actions, actions or even thoughts you get to know that this emerging karmic energy or karmic force can be both good and bad. In simple terms, if your thoughts and actions are bad, you will create bad karma and if your actions are good, you will generate good karma. When we speak of karma tasks in the spiritual sense, these are phases in life in which we often have to struggle with challenges or otherwise they might be the fortunes based on positive karma. However, people often remember the negative experiences more.

According to spiritual advisers, we meet our karma partners over and over again. These are people in your life who are challenging you. Very often it is the parents who cause real problems and it seems to be Family Karma. Perhaps we know the saying: What we experience in childhood shapes us for life which is definitely true. If you are facing Parent Karma, your parents can give you big, dramatic tasks. These aren’t always nice or cozy. On the contrary to that they challenge us for specific time and sometimes even for a lifetime.

The Classic Karma: Feelings of Rejection

Classic karma are the feelings of rejection that you experience as a child because you did not feel loved by your parents. These people struggle with their fate and the aftermath of those childhood experiences. The memory of childhood and suffering is always present. You keep judging your parents for not giving you what you deserve in this life. You want to be loved and accepted! And some people blame their parents for it till their death.

At the level of your soul, it is easy to understand. Because your parents are helping you resolve your karma. Simply put? Certainly! However, for you as a person it is drama that runs through your whole life. Because you practically always worried about being rejected. From classmates, from friends or from the karmic relationships. This makes relationships difficult for you as your constant fear of being rejected is always there. You may also lack assertiveness because you believe that nobody is listening to you and what you feel inside, those around you also notice. You feel like an outsider and your people react to it. Who is surprised when you actually just stand on the sidelines and watch the others play?

Parents And Your Karma

This aspect also has a strong impact on partnerships. You want to avoid having your partner stop wanting you one day. So you will do anything to please him and with that you bury your own personality. You live the way others expect you to live. You live the way you think your partner will like and yet you always worry that one day you will be abandoned. You don’t believe in love anyway, Because your parents couldn’t convince you of it. Isn’t it a logical consequence that your partner actually leaves you because you are not yourself? Yes apparently it is. You carry this karma package with you and it was triggered by your parents at the time. But what can I do to overcome this karma aspect, what are karma cleansing techniques and is it even possible? Can someone resolve this karma point for me?

Spiritual Counselors cannot resolve your Karma for you

Spiritual counselors or healers cannot resolve your bad karma or parental karma. That would be too nice if someone else worked on my problems and I comfortably wait for the next incarnation! However, spiritual karma teachers can help you and they can show you how to manage this aspect of karma. You can also make sure that you get some extra energy and strength to complete the task. They can help you understand and reflect on the circumstances. But your job is to solve your own karma problems. Because if we want to clear up such an aspect of karma, we have to go beyond the limits of our inner authority.

Maybe we have anchored opinions and moral principles that we don’t want to get over. Reconciliation, which some people radically reject, could serve as an example. Because the emotional pain your parents caused to you is so great that you are not ready to make up.

There are also self-righteous formulas like:

  • You deserve that I don’t make up
  • They should suffer from what they did to me
  • Your parents should give you the love you deserve

Those who are in this position are likely to have great problems solving this aspect of bad karma. But those who are willing to expand their tolerance, reflect on the circumstances, and allow wisdom in, can manage to break free from their entanglement.

Clearing Negative Karma

Only those who are ready to accept the spiritual bird’s eye view are well qualified to resolve the karma point and drama. This requires other perspectives – not just your own. This includes studying your own parents’ history. Isn’t it strange that your father or mother had a childhood similar to yours? Is it the legacy of your parents’ experiences that has been passed on to you? Only when you will ask yourself questions beyond your own personal sufferings you will you find what you are looking for in the aspects of karma.

Discussions are also important to find solutions. Talk to your parents without blaming them! Talk about the feelings that you experienced or you are experiencing in a completely neutral manner and without judgment. In fact, your parents may even apologize to you for what happened back then. While this does not directly resolve your parent karma, it can help you achieve reconciliation.

Even if you’ve managed to reconcile with your parents, that’s not enough for the karma aspect to simply go away. Often times it is only a fraction of what it takes to work through to break away from the active karma aspect. And sometimes one life is not enough for that. Such a strong aspect of karma requires that you work through it fully. That won’t be checked in two weeks, so you can go back to work as usual.

But when you have succeeded or you can put aside a major aspect of karma, you will feel it clearly. What you originally called a drama with your parents is now an experience that you have. At first, you will occasionally have trouble believing that you will be accepted. But over time, you can build a new trust and engage with other people without fear of being rejected. The past cannot be erased – but you can influence your future by letting go off the parent karma, family karma and other karma aspects.

Parents And Your Karma

About the author

The author El Maya is a spiritual medium and has published few books on the soul, life plan, karma and life after death. This guide contains strategies to reduce your karma and find the soul center. Furthermore, she conducts workshops in spiritual mental training, future interpretation, clairvoyance and fortune telling.

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