The content of this article has a potential to shift the world in a variety of positive ways. However, the company called Monsanto would not love this article at all.

By sharing this article, it will help to raise awareness about the pest control which will bring productive outcome to grow crops.

In 2006, Paul Stamets, the world’s leading mycologist was granted a patent to change the world in a positive way. He has received very low attention towards his patent. What is the reason? As per the executives in the pesticides industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.”  When referring to the actual meaning of disruptive, they actually mean the disruption to the chemical pesticides industry rather than the disruption to nature and human health.

Paul has figured out to use nature’s own creations to prevent crops from getting destroyed by insects through a solution named as SMART pesticides. These pesticides deliver a safe solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects. The credit goes to the magic offered by mushrooms.

Furthermore, a group of fungi that kill an insect by attacking and infecting its insect host is called Entomopathogenic fungi. Paul does this by also taking Entomopathogenic Fungi and morphs. Therefore, it does not produce spores. As the result, this actually attracts the insects who then eat and turn into fungi from the inside out!

It is better if biotech companies have limited control over crops and seeds because it is evident that these companies are affecting the nature in a negative way. As an example, Bees are playing an important role as pollinators in our nature. Can you imagine a world without bees?

Monsanto is a chemical and agricultural biotech company which is responsible for the collapse of the buzzing bees. In an article from the Guardian, Monsanto’s contribution to the vanishing bee population is detailed.

Finally, everyone needs to be aware of the benefits of growing sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic food. Therefore share this article and pass the message throughout the world.

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