This is an adorable story of two best friends who aren’t of the same species. Joao Pereira de Souza, a fisherman who was 71 years old, found a little penguin dying in oil. He rescued it and brought it back to its health in his village in Brazil. The penguin earned its name ‘Dindim’.

Dindim lived with Joao for around 11 months until he grew a new coat of feathers. It left as soon as it was able to swim. The old fisherman thought that Dindim would never return, but the Penguin returned to visit his friend in June. Dindim keep returning to his friend in Brazil every June and spends time with him for months. Checkout the photos and the video below! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!More info & Photo courtesy: BP



People guess that Dindim spends its time on the coasts of Argentina, since that’s the closest colony they know of. When Dindim returns, he doesn’t let any human touch it. Only his friend Joao can pet it, carry, feed or shower it. They are life-long friends with a heart-melting friendship.






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