The wedding season is on. And as a groom or a bride, you would want a wedding invitation that reflects your big-day design. There are several designs that you can choose as per your wedding theme, color palette, and even your event décor. 

Remember, your wedding invitation card reflects your personality so you would want to choose the perfect one. Plus, it happens only once, right?

Below, we’ve rounded our favorite invitation cards to inspire you. Feel free to use the one you like. Let’s get started!

The Perfect Wedding Invitation Card For Your Winter Wedding

1- Destination theme

Destination themed wedding invitations are great if you are planning a destination wedding. You can display the best part of the city you’re getting married to ensure no one misses your wedding. 

Also, don’t forget to add the details of the resort where you have booked rooms for them. You can also add instructions on how to reach the location. This will further encourage guests to visit your wedding. 

2- Christmas Festival Theme

Christmas is the biggest festival in December. And if you’re having a December wedding, a Christmas-themed invitation card could be a perfect idea. You can choose a palette of burgundy and white to keep with the holiday season. Additionally, consider including a little green color in your card to create the Christmas feeling. 

The Perfect Wedding Invitation Card For Your Winter Wedding

3- Wonderland Theme

If you are a wonderland fan like me, a frozen winter Wonderland theme wedding card is for you. For instance, you can cover your wedding card in snowflakes and choose a card that matches Elsa’s iconic gown. You can even go above and beyond by using an acrylic card that provides a winter crystal effect. 

4- Woodsy Winter

We all have seen movies and songs in the dense forest involving white pine trees covered in snow. Doesn’t it look amazing? The good news is, you can reflect the same background in your wedding invitation card. These nature-inspired invitations are perfect for a winter wedding, especially if you live in cold areas. 

5- Dark Moody Florals

If you want to embrace floral patterns in the winter, choose moody black hues such as jewel tons to make the wedding invitation card look great. However, it is crucial not to go overboard with the blooms. You can look for designer invitation cards that involve moody florals and look great. 

6- Retro 70s Look

The retro theme is coming back in trend. And if you are a fan of vintage themes, this is for you. However, it is worth mentioning that a retro 70s-based invitation wedding card would not suit a formal or boho wedding. It is best for a contemporary-cool wedding. You can create these nostalgic designs featuring bold fonts and fun color combos. 

7- Colored Decked Edge Paper

Deckle-edge cards are one of the hottest trends of winter wedding invitations. You can create a sophisticated deckle-edge wedding invitation paper with a dusty blue shade to stand out. You can also add a bit of royalty to your wedding card by using calligraphy to make the bride’s and groom’s names pop up from the rest of the text. 

8- Personalized Tags

You can stand out from the crowd by adding personalized tags to your wedding invitation cards. For instance, you can make a unique tag that highlights how much you care for the people you are inviting. It will make them feel special and ensure they don’t miss your wedding. 

The Perfect Wedding Invitation Card For Your Winter Wedding

9- Monogram-based Cards

You must have heard, “small things have the biggest impact.” Having the bride’s and groom’s names monogrammed in the wedding card or the envelope can have a great impact. It highlights who’s getting married and ensures people don’t forget your best day. 

10- Transparent Acrylic

Want people to remember the date of your wedding? Try a transparent acrylic wedding card that highlights your wedding date. You can include save the date card highlighting the date with a heart. 


The Perfect Wedding Invitation Card For Your Winter Wedding

Stand out with a great wedding card this winter. Choose from a list of our best wedding cards that reflect your personality and become the talk of the town. You can also personalize the card as per your requirements. 

What are you waiting for? Get your wedding card today!

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