As we all know, the usage and the disposal of plastic is becoming more and more of a planet & self-annihilation. Even though the mass crowd is unaware of the situation of the plastic disposal and its accumulation in the oceans.

Most of these plastic particles are one-time use products such as grocery bags, straws, plastic bottles and such. The illustrator Jorge Gamboa designed this cover for the National Geographic magazine of June 2018.


This illustrates a plastic bag submerged in the water. It delivers an iceberg effect, which conveys the message that the world has only seen the tip of this global issue with plastic.


This Illustration is named ‘Iceberg Plástico’. This has created a large-scale conversation globally. National Geography has taken its own initiative to use paper packaging instead of plastic to do their deliveries.

The magazine does not only talk about the issue on its cover, the article ‘ We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We’re Drowning in It‘ by Laura Parker. In this, she discuss the trends that made plastic as a one time used product and how should we act to minimize the use of plastic while cleaning up the massive amount of plastic dumping we have done.



Many people have praised the cover and the article alongside the initiative that the company has taken towards minimizing plastic usage. The tip of this iceberg is already a mess as everyone can witness in their day to day lives. But we should collectively work towards a better approach to eradicate the problem we created ourselves before it engulfs us all.

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