How can psychology help professional eSport players to win the game? As everyone needs to practice in order to become successful in their field, they also need to practice their mind to master anger management. American psychological association said that sports psychology is also a skill everyone related to the sport should acknowledge. In other words, the professional player of eSports also needs to have their mental health in good shape.  They need their cognitive and behavioral skills to remain in the best conditions – always. Especially when the competitions are coming.

The eSports professional players know that they need to have the skills of team building because they will always include other people in their teams. Coaches, players, and sometimes even friends and family members are in one space in games or even in an entertaining environment. Gamers are also training their behaviors. They need to be focused on the games, they can’t allow themselves to lose attention or become more aggressive. The players are almost always very fast and patient because that’s the key to success in the gaming industry.

The main goal of the professionals in eSports is to work on their morals, emotion management, anger management, trust issues, self-esteem, and many more. These factors are vital in gaming because they know that if they somehow will lose control over themselves, they will eventually lose the game, and of course, they don’t want it. Why? Aside from their personal loss, many people with them are losing money when they are losing their games. For example, most of the SMITE lovers are usually attracted enough to watch how their ideal professional eSports player is playing their favorite games. They are even betting on games and players. SMITE is one of the fastest-growing eSports games in the world. It became popular in 2013 when casual and competitive players started paying attention to it. In 2020 smite betting odds are prevalent because it is new compared to Dota or League of Legends and other competitive games.

The professional gamers are giving their 100% effort, 100% of the time

These people know what they want in life and they are working to get there. Being a professional gamer is hard. It is not only fun and games as many people think. No, it is a full-time job with, sometimes, no day-offs. There can be days when the players are experiencing too much of the pressure from the viewers and coaches. After that, they are working and healing from stress and anxieties. It is hard to always answer with the winning to the requirements of the gaming industry, but the gamers are always giving their 100% efforts in order to be successful. Sadly, after spending most of their time in the gaming desks, they are rarely spending their free time with their loved ones and family and friends. Most of the time when they have the time they just go to sleep.

Psychological help for gamers is sometimes very important. They feel some kind of support from them because many people don’t understand why eSports gamers are spending so much time and energy playing games. Sports psychologists are the key part of the success of many teams in the eSports industry. The road to victory can be very tricky and hard, that is why the players are always needing bits of help from the coaches, team, and strategists.

psychology help professional eSport players

Being a professional eSports gamer is tougher than just winning at League of Legends

The gaming was called so many times as the activity that was wasting time. Now everything has changed. Video games are a source of entertainment, of course, but it is also a job many people are having in the world. More than 2 Billion people are playing video games in the world. Funny how years ago it was sometimes praised, sometimes demonized. Gaming was always a popular topic to talk about, so everyone had always their opinions about it. Being a serious gamer is not easy. Many people think that person just needs to be good at playing the games and they will eventually become popular and earn millions of dollars. No. Anyone who wants to be in eSports needs to be godlike and skilled. They, who are in the gaming competitions today are so fast that sometimes people can’t see how they move. Online gaming has had a bad reputation, people were only talking about how addictive it is but no one talked about the good sides of playing the games. Gaming is making the person become more focused and detail-oriented. The games can enhance visual attention skills also, some people said that games have helped the children with a dyslexic.

The fact is that one hour of video gaming can already change a person. Gaming increases the brain’s ability to focus and not only. The brain becomes more sensitive to important information and can select the vital from the irrelevant very fast. So overall, gaming is surely hard, but it is also very beneficial.

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