When the rescuers found Herschel in his owner’s backyard, he was starving for food and affection. At the time, Herschel spent most of his life in a muddy backyard, chained to a single-pole, his teeth pulsing from desperate attempts to chew his way to freedom through a metal chain.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka

Finding a home for Herschel is not always an easy task. After spending his first years in a backyard, he became an avid dog, and his enthusiasm is often mistaken for aggression.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka

Fortunately for Herschel, he was selected to appear on Rocky Kanaka’s television show, Talk’s Day Out. Each episode of the show features a different rescue dog, which is taken “on his best day,” with the goal of revealing him to potential adopters.

The video below shows Herschel being taken to meet his new owners in the previous episode.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka

Herschel gets his first true sense of freedom when he sees the sea for the first time. His reaction was nothing but pure joy – he was finally enjoying life to its fullest “biting the waves and jumping out like a dolphin.”

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