With countries around the world locked up to reduce the range of the coronavirus virus, the rays of sunlight are rising around the world, with at least a little rise in the number of working health workers.

Some of those rays perform themselves as very metaphorical and stories about improving progress, as we know, remain intact or that doctors and other medical staff are at the forefront of fighting viruses, while others are very simple. It usually faces massive air pollution.

the Indian government launched a blockade a week ago aimed at controlling the coronavirus

Hindustan Times
India Gate

With many major cities facing some degree of pollution, India is more accustomed to it than any other country. According to IQAir AirVisual’s 2019 World Air Quality Report, 21 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are nowhere else, but in India.

To everyone’s surprise, it came with a very welcome bonus and destroyed the sky

Even in the capital of New Delhi, pollution has dropped by 71%

India Gate

Because the Indian government required the world’s biggest lockout a week ago in an attempt to check the extent of the coronavirus virus, citizens have been asked to stay home and manage social distance if they need to leave home. All the companies, markets, shops and places of worship had to be closed temporarily. Most of the public transport was suspended, production was halted, and the country was left in temporary silence for a long time.

It became a significant and long-awaited break from the suffocation and the lingering effects of smoking in many places.

Veeresh Malik
India air pollution

The sudden clear blue sky is a big change for India

Un-polluted area

Data explicates that major Indian cities are reporting harmful air pollutants often cleared by vehicles and power factories. In the capital, New Delhi, pollution levels fell by 71% in the first week of lockdown, government data displays.

After all, the country has 21 polluted cities in the world


The country also halted most public transport and stopped construction

Similar climate variations were already greeted in Italy first this year.


The lockout brought about major changes throughout the country, including one of its best cities, Venice

Marco Capovilla

Similar moves were seen in China a few months ago

Visual storyteller Nicoco used this chance to photograph empty streets in Shanghai and the results were stunning

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