An emotional and honest interview done by Oprah Winfrey took the world by storm. She interviewed to of the most discussed people in the world; the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.

This was a ‘heavy’ where Oprah was left speechless in most parts of the interview. International tabloids comment it as a ‘Devastating interview’ to the Royal Family.

Along their journey through the brutal storm they are almost through, Meghan found refuge in her husband Harry, their son and also another new member!Learn more: CBS | Prince Harry

#1 The Duke and Duchess were told that their son will not be receiving any security.

Meghan explained how it was out of their hands with that decision.

#2 By the way that the Royal family treated Meghan, it reminded Harry how his mother; Princess Diana was treated.

Harry emotionally shared how he feared for the history to repeat itself with his family.

#3 The couple had their own private wedding before the public one.

#4 Meghan describes how the media was biased on the Meghan-Kate dispute.

#5 There were discussions on their baby’s skin color, before they left the Royal family.

Although the couple will not reveal specific information. The Royal family have discussed that the baby will not receive any protection or a title, at the time when Meghan was pregnant.

#6 Harry asked if Meghan Curtsied at their first meeting.

#7 Meghan confirms that she had ‘Suicide’ thoughts, but the ‘firm’ did not assist her mental health at all.

Meghan had been through tremendous mental pressure with the treatment she was getting from the Royal family and also witnessing how much her husband have lost due to this conflict. When she contacted the Buckingham Palace HR, they have rejected her plight since she wasn’t eligible for those services.

#8 It was a pleasant surprise when the couple announced that they are expecting a baby girl!

#9 Since the Royal family cut Harry and Meghan off, Harry is left with what his mother left him.

#10 Harry share the fact that he is in good terms with the Queen but not with Charles and Will.

#11 The couple mentioned that they did not depart to leave the Royal family hanging.

#12 Meghan believed that the Royal family would protect her, then discovered the opposite to happen.

#13 Harry was hurt but he still respects the Queen, even though he was stripped off his all honorary titles and patronages.

#14 Meghan claims to be the victim in the Meghan-Kate dispute.

#15 Harry shares that he never could make the decision to leave the Royal family if it was not for Meghan.

#16 Meghan says that she is happier than ever with her Prince.

#17 Harry shares that the Royal family is concerned of the media commenting on the racism issues.

#18 Meghan has been seeking help since their tour in Australia.

#19 Harry has picked a couple of deals with Netflix and Spotify during the pandemic.

Harry shared the fact that he only needed the money to keep his family safe.

#20 The couple did checked up on Phillip when he was hospitalized.

#21 Meghan regrets that she believed that she would be protected.

#22 The Lack of acceptance and support were the main reasons the couple has left.

#23 Meghan has never looked Harry up on the internet.

#24 Meghan denies any rumors that she had planned to clutch onto Royal roles forever.

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