This is an amazing news for everybody since the fabled ‘space travelling’ might not be so far away from us. Virgin Galactic company have been working on advanced crafts to reach the dream of space travel tirelessly. Their newest craft that was unveiled, is called the Spaceship III or VSS Imagine.

This is an advanced air craft built to target pushing forward to extend the travel and tourism field into the realms of space. With its reflecting body, it is much closer to the spaceships that can disappear, just like in the Science fiction movies. Meanwhile, engineers hope to expand their fleet of their spaceships with higher efficiency, so that space travel would not be reserved only for expedition purposes.

It is said that every astronaut who travel to the space, learns a lot about the planet and they return to earth with a lot of knowledge and clarity. So, with that advantage, the Virgin Galactic company expects that their tourists will have the same effect on them, when space tourism comes to life. Also, company awaits do perform field test runs on the VSS Imagine, so that their next model; VSS Inspire can initiate its project. With the engineering and the productivity of this spaceship, we can only imagine how much more advanced will the next model would be. Check out the pictures and video of the latest released spaceship of our time, the VSS Imagine. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!
More info & Media courtesy: Virgin GalacticInstagram Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

#1. Behold, the VSS Imagine.

#2. The finish is just AMAZING.

#3. It is to be tested on the field.

#4. Check out this video of the Spaceship III.

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